Sunny Spring Playlist!

Spring is here spring is here! I dont know about you, but with longer days and a daily dose of Vitamin D, I have been feeling the ENERGY of spring. As promised in last week’s workout routine post, here is a fresh new fitness mix for you. No matter where your workout takes you this season, this playlist will help you make the most of every second. Enjoy and dont forget to wear your sunscreen when you sweat! 🙂

Caroline’s Sunny Spring Playlist

Do you like when I post playlists and want to see more of them in this space? Leave a comment below if you’d like more posts with workout tunes to help you sweat.  Hope you enjoy all the songs above and cant wait to share a workout with you soon 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Sunny Spring Playlist!

  • By patty Gordon - Reply

    I love your playlists!!! More please? 🙂

  • By Erica Stenz - Reply

    Yes – love your playlists. Thanks Caroline!

  • By Jen Hibbard - Reply

    Love your music! Keep sharing them. 🙂

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