How Will You Give Something Beautiful to the World?


“It is paradoxical but profoundly true that the most certain way for people to bring hope, help, meaning, and joy to their own lives is by reaching out and bringing hope, help, meaning, and joy to the lives of others. If you’ve already experienced this beautiful phenomenon for yourself, you are in good company.”

I turn 25 in 5 days. Yes a Birthday! I’m so excited…. and starting to feel a bit nostalgic. Thought I’d share a few of my reflections with you as I sit here, at the turn of a “quarter-century” (ha 😉 ) and honestly ask, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing for others?”

Below is some of the literature that has inspired this pre-birthday soul-searching. I believe that the greatest gift you can give is the gift of inspiration. Hope this inspires you to give some too!

What does a GREAT life look like?

Ask a hundred people what a great life looks like and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers – but certain answers will make virtually everyone’s list.

Most people would agree, for example that a great life includes something worth living for, maybe even worth dying for. A portion of a great life would be devoted to something bigger, greater, grander than yourself. Something that inspires you, ENERGIZES you, pulls you forward. Something that responds to your unique talent or touch and ultimately makes a difference in the world around you.

A great life would naturally bring more meaning, purpose, love, laughter, wonder and adventure to your days. And, at the end of your journey you would look back on a life of significance, rather than regret – knowing in your heart that you left the world better than you found it. Knowing that you made a difference in the lives of others. Knowing that you got something wonderful out of it…. and you gave something wonderful back.

YOU are not here by mistake. There has never been another you, and there will never be another you. The miracle of existence is now in your hands. You are here for a purpose. You have something that only you can GIVE to the world. Take the time to consider what that is.

Thought for the week: Instead of asking, “what can I get from life?”, watch what happens when you ask, “What can I give?”

2 Replies to “How Will You Give Something Beautiful to the World?”

  1. Beautifully done….

    I am not alone when i say you give back to your community of students with inspiration (lots!) and words of encouragement which extend far, far beyond the class.

    Thank you Caroline for making a difference in our lives!


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