Hurt Foot Yoga. Yoga Routine For a Broken Foot, Ankle, of Lower Leg Injury.

Looking for yoga postures you can do with a hurt foot, ankle, or leg injury? Try these out. Keep your body strong and avoid the aches and pains that come from being sedentary with this hurt foot yoga exercise video routine.

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As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body and move mindfully. Remember to back off if something hurts, and skip any parts you feel you need to keep it safe.

Full recovery from a foot or ankle injury takes a LONG time. You’ll need more patience than you thought yourself capable, but I know you can do this! You CAN heal your body and I want to help support you in your journey. Having a strong mindset is one of the most overlooked yet important elements of the healing process. If you aren’t training your mind, you won’t recover right. Trust me on this.  I will give you more specific mental and spiritual training techniques and action steps in my full Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program . To take a proactive approach to your recovery:  enroll today and start healing. 

Hurt Foot Yoga. Yoga Routine For a Broken Foot, Ankle, of Lower Leg Injury Sequence

These are a few of the hurt foot yoga poses you will enjoy in this hurt foot yoga routine:

  • Childs pose
  • Bird dog
  • modified plank
  • modified chaturanga
  • cobra
  • modified side plank
  • side leg raises
  • spine twist
  • reverse curl
  • rolling through the spine
  • superman
  • modified pigeon
  • shavasana

Among many others! Are you ready to get started? All you need is 20 minutes and a yoga mat. Click the link below to press play and do Hurt Foot Yoga with me!

Hurt Foot Yoga. Yoga Routine For a Broken Foot, Ankle, of Lower Leg Injury Full Video.

Injuries suck. But it’s important to find something that helps you remain positive through your healing process. For me that was creating the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program and helping members find even more unique was to stay fit, be positive, and heal faster. I hope this Hurt Foot Yoga sequence gives you a positive boost during your recovery journey. If you are looking for guidance, support, resources, and action steps towards healing faster, Id love to help you take your injury recovery to the next level in the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program . Head on over to: for more info on how to join and get started now. 

Are you on the road to recovery from a leg, ankle, knee, or foot injury? Have you found it hard to keep a yoga practice or stay active? Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this yoga sequence in the comments below.

Happy healing and namaste to you,


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