June Jams. “Let Me See Your Hands!” Playlist

Photo Credit Firestone Media Co.
Photo Credit Firestone Media Co.

Summer is here and its time for a new workout playlist to jam to! My friends and I always laugh over how so many music DJ’s these days (like Alesso, Calvin Harris, Avicii) often shout, “LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!” when performing at a concert. It really works to get the crowd going and always makes me smile to hear their enthusiastic fist pumping requests embedded within their sets. This playlist has some of the latest new sounds in dance, house, and workout. Im excited to share these fresh new tunes with you. These beats will help you move your feet and enjoy your summer in style. 

June Jams. “Let Me See Your Hands!”

What are you listening to and fist pumping to? List your top favorite summer hit as a comment below. Id love to play it in my next class and get everyone’s hands in the air!

Wishing you a summer full of fist pumping adventure,


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