Make a Totally Awesome Difference: Help me Fundraise and be Crowned 80’s Prom Queen!


2013, the “Year of Yes”, was when I really started getting involved fundraising for charity.

Raise awareness of a worthy cause? YES.
Join like minded people in supporting a worthy cause? YES
Host fun social events that benefit a worthy cause? YES.
Take your free time and make a difference? YES.

It was a year that allowed me not only to give back, but also allowed me to build meaningful memories and friendships. Since 2013, I’ve been actively involved in several fundraisers. Ive led riders in Cycle For Survival, coached super tan Bay babes in Mr. Marina, taught bootcamps for leukemia and Lymphoma, and even hosted a few birthday parties for local SF causes like Family House. And now that I’ve seen the positive impact and ripple effect, I don’t plan on stopping this work that gives back. 

Thats why when I got a phone call to be nominated for 80’s Prom Queen I said “yes”. My Prom Party coach, Billy Davis, was the one that politely asked, “will you accept our nomination for 80’s Prom Queen and help us give back?” There was a moment I second guessed myself, not sure if I wanted to put myself up on stage in shoulder pads and neon. But then I realized that it was so much more than that, and that I could actually help raise awareness of a good cause and give back.

The Guardsmen is a group of Bay Area men mobilizing their significant talents and resources to enhance and improve the lives of at-risk youth. This all-volunteer organization, founded in 1947, provides access to high-quality educational and outdoor activities for inner-city youth.  The opportunities created through The Guardsmen’s scholarship and campership programs mean that every year kids who otherwise would not have a chance at success are given the opportunity to excel as productive members of society.  Each year The Guardsmen sends 2,500 youth to outdoor education programs and provides scholarship support to more than 250 students at Bay Area private schools.

As a teacher and coach, I know how life changing it is to have the right support. Can you imagine how hard it is to be a city kid and not have the resources or encouragement to succeed? It makes me realize how incredibly fortunate I was growing up. I had access to programs and mentors that believed in me and gave me experiences that shaped me into the woman I am today. I believe everyone deserves that. And I want my work in this world to enable others to fulfil their greatest potential. 

So now that I’ve said YES I need your support. On Saturday July 25 support the Gaurdsmen will be hosting the 80’s Prom party at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. Just like prom in High School, the Gaurdsmen will crown a prom king and a prom queen at the party. YOU CAN HELP Help “Vote” for me as Prom Queen and raise funds for a positive cause by donating to my page here. The 80’s Prom King and Queen will be selected by their fundraising efforts and totally awesomeness. All proceeds go to Guardsmen programs supporting at-risk Bay Area youth. And if you’d like to join us for a totally rad 80’s party, tickets can be purchased through this link:

My personal heroes are everyday visionaries and dreamers, those beautiful people among us who try to make the world a better place than when they found it, whether in tiny ways or enormous ones.  Some succeed, some fail, most have mixed results… but it’s the effort itself that’s heroic, as I see it.  Win or lose, I admire those who fight the good fight. No matter who wins the 80’s Prom Queen crown, I am thankful for the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for a cause I believe in.

Because, win or lose, it’s this act of fighting for something greater than yourself that makes your story an inspiring one in the long run.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The purpose of life is not to simply be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Thank you for your consideration in making a donation. I hope to share a dance with you at 80’s Prom!

In gratitude,


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