Reflections: The Prize is in the PROCESS.


Weekly Reflections for you Fearless Fitness Folks….

“The PRIZE is in the PROCESS”

The gym culture is constantly concerned with fitness progress. How to get “harder, better, faster, stronger”. How to push to new heights, new challenges, new experiences. While I ALWAYS support striving for goals physically….  I do think it can create  future difficulties. We can become attached to the progress – the exhilaration of physical breakthroughs and specific results.  Often progress focused motivation can lead to injury, burnout, or decreased desire to be active entirely. I think that when the focus becomes solely on what we can “get out” of fitness we miss the point.

What if we were to focus instead on the PROCESS? On how much we enjoy activity, breathing, MOVING our bodies?

Instead of :

“Im exercising because I want to be able to bench “this much”weight.”

“After work Im going to the gym because I want to look hot for summer”

“I want to workout because I have to loose  weight before my wedding date.”

“I wish I could run as fast as I used to”

Replaced with:

“Im exercising because it makes me feel strong.”

“Im going to the gym because it helps me feel less stressed and anxious about my work week”

“I want to workout because it will help my body  have more energy and feel healthy.”

“Im SO HAPPY I can enjoy the thrill of running!”

If  we could all enjoy the PROCESS more than the PROGRESS, I believe it would dramatically INCREASE our culture’s level of ACTIVITY and health.  When I teach fitness classes my main objective is to get the room to FEEL BETTER when they leave the gym than when they walk in.  To focus on how strong, powerful, or happy they are during the workout. To experience the JOY of their abilities and healthy bodies. Through this method I hope to encourage people to come back to class – to get stronger, healthier, happier bodies…… AND TO TRULY ENJOY DOING IT.

I challenge you to SHIFT your fitness focus. I hope you find that the PRIZE in the PROCESS of MOVEMENT.

2 Replies to “Reflections: The Prize is in the PROCESS.”

  1. Thanks for these thoughts!
    I appreciate this post a lot. I work out 7 days a week most of the time and it is always a good thing to remind myself of the kind of attitude I want to accompany me when I dedicate so much time to this hobby!

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