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As many of you know, I occasionally train at a studio called M2 Revolution in San Francisco. This studio is a unique indoor cycling facility in downtown San Francisco. Opening its doors in 2006, M2 was the first training center in the city to provide power-based cycling training based on sound training principles for improved fitness and performance. Riders of all abilities train at M2, and range from Cat. 1-4 competitive cyclists and triathletes, to weekend riders and general fitness enthusiasts. The common thread shared by these diverse abilities is an interest in getting maximum return for training time investment – to measurably improve one’s fitness. Michael McCormack (M2) is the founder and owner, and a former professional Ironman Champion and pioneer in performance training methodology. M2’s training expertise and program has been sought out by pro champions, and his classes have been enjoyed by thousands.

By working out at the studio I have met incredibly inspirational athletes and people. I feel lucky to share the space with them and am always looking for an opportunity to connect and make new fitness friends. Recently I met a cyclist named Cathy who shared her story and her commitment riding for not just one, but TWO cycling fundraisers to benefit the  fight against breast Cancer with the Young Survival Coalition’s (YSC) and the Tour De Pink. Cathy plans on riding a total of 425 miles to support women with breast cancer. It’s a huge challenge and I want to help her in her efforts in anyway I can.

Breast cancer is a topic near and dear to many of us. It is the most common form of cancer in women and the second leading cause of female deaths due to cancer (after lung cancer)  http://nbcam.org.   According to Breastcancer.org, an estimated 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in 2010 in the U.S.  Many are surprised to learn that breast cancer can also affect men, although the chances are reduced with one out of 100 cases being male.  http://nbcam.org .

Because of people like Cathy and events like the Tour De Pink billions of dollars have been raised for research and we are starting to win the war against breast cancer. “The progress we have made over the last 20 years has changed the face of the disease for American women,” says Freya Schnabel, MD, director of breast surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. “We can find it earlier, treat it more effectively, reduce recurrence, and enhance survival.”

Below is Cathy’s fundraising letter detailing her efforts and events. I believe in making a difference. Please join me in donating to the Young Survival Coalition and the Tour de Pink.

Let’s dream of a day where people diagnosed with breast cancer can have confidence that they will be not only be cured, but will go on to live rich, full and long lives.

Thanks again for being a wonderful fitness family. Lets make a difference!



“Dear Friends and Family,


I’ve made an exciting commitment to participate in BOTH the Young Survival Coalition’s (YSC) East Coast and West Coast Tour de Pink (TdP) rides. I will ride a total of 425 miles to support women with breast cancer. It’s a huge challenge, but I know that I can do it with your support!

To ride in both, I must raise a minimum of $5000. While that is a lot of money, I believe we can do it! I need your help!

The East Coast ride is September 28-30, 2012 from Philadelphia to Washington, DC and the West Coast ride is October 12-14, 2012 from Thousand Oaks, CA to Foothill Ranch, CA.

I made the decision to do the east coast and west coast rides, in part because cancer has profoundly affected my life this past year. I desperately want to do something concrete to support women with this horrible disease. I think that everyone, sadly, knows someone, friend and/or family, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The co-founder of the TdP has battled her fifth occurrence of cancer this year, since her initial diagnosis 12 years ago. She is my friend, an inspiration and a warrior. I want to honor her and the ride and organization she helped start. I am also riding in support of my friends fighting for their lives with grace, dignity and hope. I’ll ride for your friends and family, too!

Please help: http://www.ysctourdepink.org/goto/C.Johnson

The money I raise will go to support the YSC, the premier non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and education to young women affected by breast cancer. With the motto “Ride. Support. Inspire,” the YSC Tour de Pink is much more than just a ride; it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness and support important programs for young women with breast cancer. Your contribution will fund support and education programs, help support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone and raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.

Fortunately, I am healthy right now and am grateful every day. Many of my friends and acquaintances are not. I want to celebrate my health and do my part to help others who are not so fortunate.

These are small rides—about 200 cyclists and every dollar counts. This is an incredible opportunity to support young women with breast cancer—your tax-deductible donation will make a difference. No donation is too big, nor too small. Every dollar helps. Please open your generous hearts and wallets and join me on this worthy journey.

You can make a secure online donation to my fundraising campaign right here by opening the link to my page and then clicking on the “Donate Now” button. 



Please donate today!

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. It means the world to me.




“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”


Mahatma Gandhi”

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