Shaq Attack Workout Playlist


Still coming down from the endorphin rush of having Shaquille O’Neal in spin class. 

One of the first thoughts I had when he walked in the door was, ‘what music do you even play when Shaq comes to workout with you?’ He has four studio albums, 2 compilation albums, 2 soundtracks, one unreleased album, and 9 singles.  He even has a song with the Notorious BIG. I mean the man is talented beyond belief.

If you’ve ever taken my fitness classes you know: I go for music that moves you. I’m all about strong beats, high energy, and motivating tracks.

Caught on stage, one minute before class started, I had to make a play. My latest spotify mix was on point and in the last minute I added in a few of my favorite songs I thought perfect fit for a Shaq class. When he did head bumps and fist pumps throughout the ride I knew I had scored. Here’s the mix we were working to when Shaq ended up in spin class:

SHAQ Attack Workout Playlist

What songs would you play if Shaq walked in to workout with you one day? Leave me your playlist picks as a comment below.

Anything is possible. Keep dreaming big and going for your goals my friends.


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