A few weeks ago, I  was invited to an exclusive summer yoga event, “Seren-i-Tea in the Square”. This June event will be hosted by Sokenbicha Tea, Japan’s leading tea brand that is exclusively sold at Whole Foods markets nationwide. Upon receiving news of such a fun summer tea party – I wanted to learn more about the company and their background.

Sokenbicha is called the “perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern taste”. Their authentically brewed teas are unsweetened, contain zero calories and are made with tea blends and natural botanicals from around the globe. Sokenbicha is inspired by the teachings of Kampo, a traditional Japanese herbal approach to health and wellness dating back more than 1500 years. Each of their 5 teas are based on the elements of the earth: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. It is believed that each element is interrelated with the others and only proper balance between all the elements will result in health and well being. The science behind the teas is based on Kampo, a traditional Japanese herbal approach.

There are five varieties of Sokenbicha:

  • Revive (Wood), a crisp oolong tea blend infused with pomegranate and raspberry notes, black tea and rose hips
  • Defend (Water), a mild oolong tea blend with guava leaves and ginseng
  • Purify (Fire), an aromatic green tea blend with chamomile and aloe
  • Shape (Earth), a bold barley tea blend with peach flower notes, pu’er and green teas
  • Skin (Metal), a full-bodied barley tea blend with cinnamon and ginger
Five different elements of tasty tea!

Just learning about all the tea’s and their background makes me THIRSTY! Im  looking forward to sampling some of the different flavors at their tea party this summer.  This June event, “Seren-i-Tea in the Square”,  will be an interactive party featuring music, meditation, yoga, education, natural refreshment and inspiration – all aimed at encouraging people to take time out to achieve balance in their hectic lives. Check out the EVENT page on Sokenbicha’s website – doesn’t it look awesome?!


What: Seren-i-Tea in the Square, an interactive midday event featuring meditation, yoga, education and refreshments.

Who: Registration for this event is open to the public and you can register ANYTIME at http://bit.ly/SereniTea. , but 9 of my readers get to attend with me as VIP guests!

Some of the featured guests for Seren-i-Tea include:
Mallika Chopra – The daughter of Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra is a mother, author, blogger and founder of Intent.com. She will serve as event keynote to guide participants in finding serenity in their daily lives.
Stephanie Snyder (my absolute FAVORITE San Francisco Yoga Instructor!!)– Well known for her unique ability to infuse her challenging classes with strategic sequencing, yoga philosophy, technical alignment, and heart-felt humor, Stephanie has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, has been a contributing writer to Yoga Journals’ “Home Practice” and was named San Francisco’s most sought after yoga teacher by InStyle Magazine.

When: Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

Where: Union Square, 333 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Why: Our hectic days are consumed with jobs, loved-ones, everyday pressures and obligations. Often the last obligation we think about is the one we have to ourselves.

This event is aimed at providing a real-time “self-moment” for participants and will offer tools and techniques to make “me-time” a deliberate and important part of daily routines – helping us achieve balance from within.

But here’s the BEST part….. In addition to inviting me, Sokenbicha has given me 9 additional invites for  guests. As my guests , you will receive a custom tote that contains a yoga mat, a designer scarf and other items, a total value of $80, plus a Whole Foods gift card for $50. A whole foods gift card and yoga mat?! Hello heaven! 

So, you might be wondering…. HOW do I get to be Caroline’s VIP and win that SWEET gift bag this summer?! Participate in the below Giveaway and join me for “Seren-i-Tea in the Square” June 25th:

I cant wait to have TEA with you this summer in the Square! The nine Giveaway winners will be selected by  Thursday, June 9th. So send your comments in and get ready for a great summer event and a special goodie bag treat! Good luck!!

Quick Disclosure: Sokenbicha partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in the Seren-i-Tea event as a VIP attendee. As part of the program, I received compensation. Sokenbicha believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Sokenbicha’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

19 Replies to “SPECIAL EVENT: “Seren-i-Tea in the Square”. BE MY VIP GUEST THIS SUMMER!”

  1. Hi Caroline!

    This event seems WONDERFUL! I love your classes at equinox and on the weekends I take Stephanie’s classes at Yoga Tree!

    I have been on the lookout for a good unsweetened ice tea for so long! Most of the time I have to make it myself to ensure that its all natural and without additives, so this would be an amazing alternative to having to constantly home brew.

    Personally, I would love to try the Revive (Wood) tea. Oolong tea has less caffeine that black or green tea, which is good for me because I try to limit my caffeine intake. Also, I heart rose hips. I randomly discovered recently that I have an allergy to citrus and was told rose hips are an amazing alternative to get Vitamin C!

    Thanks so much and see you later this week in class!


  2. Hey Caroline, this seems really cool. I’ve been looking at different drinks ever since you mentioned coconut water, which is really great. I mainly stick to water, but I’ve had teas in the past, and these look awesome. To tell you the truth, I would base my decision on taste. I love peaches and green tea, so Shape would be an easy pick, but Revive sounds amazing with the pomegranate, raspberry, and black tea. Revive also has a great name for an after work-out drink.

  3. I would love to try the Revive (Wood) flavor because I think the refreshing and crisp flavors of pomegranate and raspberry would perfectly complement the sharpness of the black tea. Also, I could use some reviving after a long day at work sitting in front of a computer!

    The yoga event sounds like a blast, and I am so excited to stop by even if just as a specatator–thanks for posting about it!

    P.S. I am already missing your yoga classes at 101 California and it hasn’t even been a week since you were here!

  4. This tea is lovely! I would try the Revive (Wood) blend. It has herbs (rosehips and raspberry) that support the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and healthy labor. In addition, ‘Wood’ is my main element in TCM.

    I love that the ‘self-moments’ are the focus of this tea-party. When people work out, practice yoga or get a massage, I think it is the best breathing they do all day! Anything to support love-in and light-out!

    Sweet sipping,

  5. I cannot wait to try Revive (Wood)! It sounds super refreshing, and refreshing is just what I need after an intense Caroline Jordan workout 🙂 I’m definitely taking a trip to Whole Foods this weekend to pick-up a few bottles for home.

    See you soon!

  6. Hey Caroline,

    I think I would also like the Revive (wood) flavor because I raspberry, pomegranate & black tea! Sounds really yummy! I have been looking for an alternative to the mate cold drinks because they are a little too sweet for me, excited to try these!

    This event sounds super awesome, I love steph snyder’s classes and I think it’s so great when these kind of events happen in places like union square, looking forward!


  7. I would love to try the Purify (Fire) variety – it’s right down my alley. The balance of an energizing green tea with soothing chamomile and aloe sounds refreshing, antioxidant-rich, and absolutely delicious!

    This event sounds amazing! I’ve only scratched the surface with yoga and want to practice it more, hopefully finding more of that “me-time” that is SO important. Looking forward to it 🙂

  8. You’ve had me thinking about the variety of drinks out there lately, and there is only so much coconut water one can drink! The Skin (Metal), a full-bodied barley tea blend with cinnamon and ginger, sounds interesting. It sounds like something that would be a great stand-alone flavor to drink as an afternoon pick me up.

    The event sounds really interesting as I’d love to learn more about how yoga can be an important part of my life and fitness routine.

  9. I could honestly drink and enjoy each of the flavors…but the one that sounds most intriguing right now is the Shape (Earth). I love peach and Pu’er and green teas!

    Sounds like a really lovely event!

  10. Did you know that after water tea is the most consumed beverage in the world?

    I love all of these teas. They all have a beautiful balance and I can find one that is just right for my mood 🙂 Today that tea is Earth! The peach note says summer. I also love that the teas are unsweetened. I can actually taste the goodness!

    great recipe for a great day
    tea + yoga = bliss!

  11. Hi Caroline,

    I’d love to try Revive especially as I am going through big changes to “revive” my life 🙂

    It helps that Revive has ingredients I love, Pomegranate was/is huge in Iran where I grew up. We ate the seeds spoonful or one by one the hard way but delicious nevertheless! Raspberry, a favorite fruit, black tea consumed regularly in Iran, and, rosewater used frequently in desserts. Has gotten my name on it 🙂

    Miss you already 🙁

  12. Caroline
    I hope to come to this event. I would like to try Purify as I love green tea and am trying to simplify and purify my life with prayer and actions of love.

  13. Oh, I would definitely want to try Purify. It sounds so soothing (chamomile and aloe!) and flavorful. This sounds like a great event and I really appreciate your full disclosure, Caroline!

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