Supa SWEET Swag Bag!! Have YOU entered to WIN it?


IS IT JUNE 25TH YET?! Ive been counting down the days until the “Seren-i-Tea in the Square”  wellness party with  Sokenbicha Tea and my favorite yogi, Stephanie Snyder. Really looking forward to yoga and tea in the San Francisco’s summer sunshine. Did you want to come with me? The giveaway is still going …. NINE winners will be selected and announced THURSDAY June 9th. Check out the giveaway bag you’ll get when you come as my guest….


This supa sweet swag bag contains a yoga mat, a designer scarf and other items, a total value of $80, plus a Whole Foods gift card for $50. A whole foods gift card and yoga mat?! Hello heaven! 

Find more details about Seren-i-Tea in the Square and enter to be my VIP guest (toting a SUPA SWEET swag bag!!) by clicking HERE. 

Cant wait to share TEA in the SQUARE with you!! GOOD LUCK and I hope to see you in a class soon!! 

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