Stomach Series Workout. Intense 4 minute ab exercise video.

Proud to say, this image is unedited and un-airbrushed. I work HARD for my abs, focus on QUALITY over quantity, and make every second count 🙂

A longer workout isn’t better. A better workout is better. Focus on QUALITY over quantity and you’ll find amazing results in NO time.

With the right moves and sequencing, even four minutes can be a challenge. I filmed this pilates inspired “Stomach Series” to help you get a stronger core despite your busy schedule. All you’ll need is a bit of space and a positive attitude.

Sometimes referred to as the “Belly Burner,” these five Pilates mat exercises will challenge your abdominal endurance. Try it for yourself! In this challenging core workout routine, you’ll do the following exercises:

– single leg stretch
– double leg stretch
– single straight leg stretch
– double straight leg stretch
– criss cross

Notes on form. Most people agree that these are some of the best ab exercises of all time. Yes, they are challenging. You can modify them by not taking your legs as low and/or keeping your head down. There are modifications for these exercises included in the detailed instructions in the video.

In general, use your abdominal muscles to keep your upper body curl, to stabilize your pelvis, and to move the legs from your center. Do not take your legs any lower than you can control the movement from your abs and keep your back from coming off the mat. Your pelvis must stay stable.

Some people teach the stomach series of five with no break between exercises holding the upper body curl the whole time. This an advanced option, move forward at a pace that feels right to you. Excessive muscle fatigue is not part of Joseph Pilates’ method and might affect your ability to perform QUALITY movements. Put your head down and take a break if you need to between exercises. Remember you are your #1 priority 🙂

*** As always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program. Listen to your body and honor its needs always.***

Without further ado, heres my Caroline Jordan Fitness version of the stomach series workout :

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Heres to happy abs and living a life that feels good on the inside 🙂


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