Trust In Your Body’s Ability To Heal Itself. Learn To Let Go And Help Your Body Heal Itself. Here’s How.

Trust in your body’s ability to heal itself.

Your body has the ability to heal, change, grow, and progress. But you have to let it.
When you dont trust your body it creates anxiety and stress. Fear blocks your capacity to heal. Your body will internalize your feelings – distrust, worries, and negative beliefs cause physical pain and aliments. Have you ever heard the quote, “worrying is like praying for what you dont want”? If you are convinced your body will gain weight, get out of shape, or slowly decline, you are inviting those outcomes into your life. Create suffering in your mind and your body will feel that pain.
But injury is traumatizing! its HARD to learn to trust the body again. It’s hard to be patient, allow, let go, and recover. I get it. Ive been there. In fact, I STILL struggle to trust in my body’s natural ability to heal and live well. But I’ve learned that you CAN practice surrender and acceptance. You can let go of the past injury trauma, worries, and fears. You CAN learn how to trust in your body again. It just takes practice. And actually you can choose to see your injury or challenges as an “assignment from the universe” to learn to let go and to trust.
Personally I have struggled to trust in my body’s healing powers. Thoughts of “what if” and “worst case scenarios” run rampant in my mind. But throughout my own healing journey, Ive learned to surrender, accept, and grow stronger through letting go. It’s been an incredibly powerful mindset shift that my body can FEEL. I truly believe that growing to TRUST my body and let go of needing to control my recovery (or timeline or outcome) has allowed my body to move forward in healing.
I teach a lot of these mindset practices in my Hurt Foot Fitness and Strong Body Coaching programs. Many people arent aware of the true POWER of mental strength and dont know how to train it. Or they arent able to see how their mind or personal thoughts get in the way of their healing. As a coach I get to help my course students overcome these mental obstacles. I get to support them in making their minds strong and positive so that they can allow their bodies to heal in the best way possible.
Healing is hard. It takes time, patience, dedication, commitment, faith, and above all TRUST. If you dont believe it can happen for you, it never will. Working on trusting your body is the pathway to healing yourself. I am here to support you in transforming through your challenges. I am here to help you make your obstacles your greatest opportunities for growth. If you are ready to do the inner work to help heal yourself, you can open up to so much more in your life. I want to serve you in this process. If you’d like to join my coaching programs, I’d love to support you in finding your strong both body and mind. I believe that you are powerful beyond belief and would love to help you open up to true HEALING in your life. You are WORTH the investment and with the right coach can succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Click on the links below to enroll and start your healing journey now.
Have you learned to trust your body? What do you do to practice letting go and allowing your body the space to heal? Would love to hear what works for you below in the comments.
Have faith and TRUST in your body my friends! I cant wait to see how you surprise yourself in your journey and in your life.

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  1. Caroline – I just wanted to say thank you for the hurt foot videos on YouTube. I work out almost every morning. I cannot imagine not starting my day without some sort of workout as my wake up. Usually, I go to Jazzercise (so much fun!) or run around my neighborhood. Then I broke a pinkie toe. I was only able to sit for a couple of days before I knew I had to do something to get moving again. Thank you so much for the videos and great workouts. I didn’t realize you had so many. I can try something new every day! You will really keep me motivated until I can get back to dancing with my friends at Jazzercise.

    My recovery is going well and you’ve only made it better. Thanks again and best wishes.

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