11 Natural Hangover Remedies that actually work

Take care of a hangover headache with all natural remedies that work! Photo credit Mark Kuroda
Take care of a hangover headache with all natural remedies that work! Photo credit Mark Kuroda

Aloha, one of the newest supplement companies to take the health food world by storm, makes convenient snacks with high quality ingredients. I am an ALOHA brand affiliate and believe in the company’s message to fuel health with all natural ingredients. I first fell in love with ALOHA through their ALOHA Way Magazine which has curated, expert-driving content to help others live healthier & happier lifestyles. Their content is healthy, helpful, colorful, inspiring, and contagious – I can never seem to get enough of it. It’s too good not to share, so I asked the editorial team if I could re-post some of their delicious writing in this space. Below you’ll find one of my recent favorite articles, “The Definitive Hangover Cure: 11 Natural Remedies”. Ive added my thoughts and a few of my Youtube exercise video resources to support their informative words. Check out the original article here: https://aloha.com/mag/article/the-definitive-hangover-cure-11-natural-remedies 

“The Definitive Hangover Cure: 11 Natural Remedies” Guest Post From ALOHA (the Source of Happiness)

Let’s be honest: Hangovers are stupid. You drank too much, and now, to put it simply, your body is poisoned.  As you lay there, feeling sick, miserable, and remorseful (Seriously, when was the last time you woke up and thought, “I wish I had drank more last night?”), you want to know how you can feel better stat. Everyone has their signature solution, but we have rounded up our tried and true best ways to safely and healthily recover.

The Beverages

A lot of your hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration. We all know to pair one alcoholic beverage with one glass of water… but it’s a little late now. Choose water and any of these other options below and drink up.

Water: We know you know, but it’s important. Make yourself drink at least two big glasses as soon as you wake up. Sip slowly, and if you are really struggling, embrace your inner child and try drinking through a straw.  If plain water is just not for you, there are plenty of other ways to stay hydrated too. So figure out what works best for your body.

Kombucha: An easy way to get B vitamins goodness back in your system. My favorite brand is Clearly Kombucha for it’s clean products with delicious flavors. 

ALOHA Daily Greens: The Gatorade or Vitamin Water you reach for has sugar and chemicals, which will make you feel worse later in the day. This combination of whole foods, coconut water, and greens replenishes your potassium, electrolytes, and magnesium levels, and B and D vitamins. If you don’t have ALOHA, then drink some coconut water and take a few spirulina tablets instead.

ALOHA Teas or Coffee: Both beverages are dehydrating, but if you are used to your daily cup, then a small dose of caffeine will make you feel significantly better. Just be sure to drink an additional glass of water to compensate.

The Food

A large, greasy breakfast is hard for your body to process, causing you to ultimately feel worse. I recommend any combination of the following for a comforting, but light breakfast: eggs or tofu scramble, whole-wheat toast or sweet potato, my favorite oatmeal, or fresh veggies and fruit. Eat right and eat light. Promise it will do the trick.

The Supplements

Antacids or asprin are old-school, and if they work for you, then go for it. But, I recommend these all-natural remedies, which are gentler on your system.

Activated Charcoal Capsules: Activated charcoal binds to toxins, and to an extent, the alcohol in your system and can help with a queasy stomach. However, its sponge-like effect means you are going to have to drink another glass of water for each pill you take.

Licorice Root: This is a great choice for indigestion; it also has a whole host of healing benefits and is a powerful antioxidant.

Turmeric: A natural anti-inflammatory, this can take the place of asprin as a supplement (Bonus: it gives you glowing skin as well). Try ALOHA Be Protected, or add a teaspoon of the spice to your breakfast scramble.

Multivitamin: If you can stomach it, try taking a multivitamin to replenish your body across the board. Since it already has turmeric in it, we reach for The Foundation, but any multivitamin should help.

The Workout

Yes, the workout. Ideally, you should sleep as long as possible, so don’t make yourself wake up to sweat it out. But, if you are awake and you’ve started to replenish your hydration and vitamin levels, it’s time to get moving. The increased circulation and endorphins will help you flush the alcohol out of your system.

Stick with steady state exercises like a long walk or slow jog, elliptical, or mellow yoga Vinyasa flow (Hello there, detoxifying twists!). This might not be the time for a HIIT or Bikram class—working out intensely in a weakened state can do more harm then good. Listen to your body, get some sweat flowing, and you’ll feel better in no time. These workout videos from the Caroline Jordan Fitness Youtube channel will help you get moving and feel better (plus you can do them at home so you don’t even need to get out of your pijamias… score!) Of course you can find more no-equipment needed workout videos by subscribing to my Caroline Jordan Fitness YouTube Channel Here. 

Give Your Head a Rub

Is your head still pounding? Bust out your Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls and give your head a quick two minute massage using the techniques below. Quick, effective, all-natural relief (no ibprofen needed!)

The Shower or Salt Bath

You did it! You are upright, rehydrated, and you even got in a workout. Celebrate with a long hot shower or sore muscle epsom salt bath to feel like a new person.

Make sure to keep drinking water and eating nutrient dense foods the rest of the day. Next time, maybe take it easy on the shots, ok?

What’s your #1 way to get rid of a hangover? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to learn from you! 

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