Ankle Strengthening Exercises No Equipment. Ankle Stability Workout For Injury Prevention + Performance

ankle strengthening exercises

Keeping your ankles strong and stable is essential, yet many people wait until they get injured to exercise this area. Want to prevent painful problems before they happen? Keep reading.

If you need help keeping your ankles strong to prevent injury and perform at the top of your game, I have designed a comprehensive follow along ankle stability routine. This video contains some of the best ankle strengthening exercises for injury prevention and performance. Use this video 2-3 times a week in addition to your well rounded exercise programming and you WILL see major benefits in how you move and feel. This video contains more advanced, weight bearing ankle strengthening exercises. If you need a non weight bearing or beginner routine, please check out this video here.

Why do you need an ankle stability workout?

When you perform any movement—whether running or jumping—the ankle and surrounding muscles are put under a great deal of stress. If your ankle musculature is strong, you will be able to withstand greater force before an injury is sustained. In addition to decreasing ankle injuries, strengthening lower leg muscles will help prevent chronic conditions such as shin splints and Achilles tendonitis.

Ankle strengthening exercises should be a regular part of your strength training routine.

Most people fail to pay attention to their ankles until it is too late. Ankle injuries, such as ankle sprains, and lower leg problems are fairly common, and yet they are often overlooked until they have progressed to something more serious.

These ankle strengthening exercises are a great addition to any active person’s training plan. Not only do these ankle exercises help keep those muscles strong and stable, but they are quick and easy to complete.

Preventing injuries often involves a great deal of proactivity and diligence each week. However, a few extra minutes spent strength training is usually all it takes to keep you healthy and strong for long-term success.

Try incorporating this simple ankle stability workout to maintain optimal ankle strength and balance in your body. Im confident that if you incorporate these exercises 1-2 times a week your body will truly feel the benefits!

Ankle strengthening exercises video

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Keep those ankles healthy!


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