Best of the Best: Caroline Jordan Fitness Workout ROUNDUP!

Its been almost THREE years since I started the weekly Caroline Jordan Fitness Newsletters. I hope you have enjoyed all of the fitness facts, health tips, and workouts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I want to make sure you’re always motivated to mix it up, work it out, and live a HEALTHY life!

Its about time to spice up your weekly workout routine…. I dont want you to hit a FITNESS plateau and lose your motivation!!  I’ve ROUNDED UP some of our past workouts and I want to challenge you to give them another shot. The first time was your practice round  after all 😉 Below is my list of “Caroline Jordan Fitness Favorite Workouts”. I want you to MIX up your fitness routine and continue seeing amazing results from your time in the gym.  So what do you think… are you up for the challenge? How many of the below can YOU sweat through this week? I challenge you to complete as many as you can before next Sunday. Then leave a comment below this post with the # of workouts you sweated through. The person with the highest # of total finished fitness sessions wins a little special something 🙂 Cant wait to read your comments and see how you feel after all the workouts.  CHALLENGE YOURSELF…. HAVE fun…. and BEST OF LUCK to everyone!

Caroline Jordan Fitness WORKOUT ROUNDUP. 

Its a total of 10 workouts – some complete hour long routines and others quick bursts of movement. Looking forward to reading your comments and congratulating you on how many you accomplished this week! And dont forget the special prize for the most completed workouts…. trust me its WORTH IT! Need something to sweat to while you power through the above? Check out my SPICY summer spin mix and HAVE FUN!
Thanks again for being an amazing fitness family. See you this week for Chisel’d, Cycling, Core, and more workout mania!
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