Client in the Spotlight: Monika Miethke

I have worked with Monika Miethke as her group fitness instructor for 4 years. Her energy is contagious; she is in every group fitness class with superstar strength, a smile and a positive attitude. I am so grateful for students like Monika and a happy to highlight her story on this blog. After the Breast Cancer Awareness Post, Monika wrote to me with her words on battling the illness. I wanted to share her inspiring story in this space and remind you that there are NO LIMITS.

“Dear Caroline, This photo has been taken a few days ago.I am wearing the pink scarf in honor of the breast cancer awareness month – October. I did have breast cancer twice, each one year apart, but I am a surviver and I have to admit that exercise has helped me enormously to overcome my sadness. And with reconstruction I am able to feel whole again. Of course I contribute to the “Brest Cancer Fund” in San Francisco at a regular basis. I encourage all women to get an annual check-up, since early detection is essential in surviving this illness. Exercise did not just help me to forget the pain, exercise helped my healing process and made me strong again.
All the very best, Monika.”

Thank you Monika for sharing your story and inspiring us all to live rich, full and long lives. Feel free to share your story as a comment below or any ideas on how we can help. Lets work together to find a cure. Lets fight to end breast cancer!

Love and gratitude to you all,


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