The Best Seated Workout. This Chair Cardio Routine Will KICK Your Butt!

The best seated workout online. This chair cardio routine will get you sweating! Stay fit with an injury, disability, or limited mobility. 

Seated Workout


I am so excited to share my latest Chair Cardio fitness video – this is by far the hardest seated workout I have put together for you. In this free online exercise routine, you will work up a sweat, build cardiovascular fitness, and strengthen your whole body from head to toe. This routine is a great choice if you are looking to maintain your physical fitness while recovering from an injury or dealing with limited mobility.


I know how incredibly frustrating and challenging dealing with an injury or mobility issue can be, and that’s exactly WHY I wanted to create this seated workout video. It helps to stay positive, patient, and focus on what you CAN do and this chair cardio video is just that…. something you CAN do. I hope this fun seated workout reminds you of your strength and offers you support through difficult challenges in life.

This virtual wellness course offers you a world full of content to help you on your healing journey. You’ll get access to videos, workouts, and resources that I DONT share for free on Youtube.

When you enroll and become my coaching student, I’ll be your coach giving you exercises, fitness tips, workout schedules, nutrition resources, and stress management tools to help you stay mentally and physically fit while healing from an injury or dealing with limited mobility. Best part is I am constantly GROWING the course content, offering students an endless growing resource of healing support. The one time enrollment fee gives you access for LIFE, it’s a one time investment that pays you back time and time again no matter what challenges life throws you next. The course is self-paced, you can start anytime and customize the course content to fit your needs and timeline. This course is for YOU and this is just the beginning. I was put on this planet to help people with injuries and disabilities stay positively fit and this program is how I’m doing it! Lets grow, heal, and live a strong life together.

This seated workout is just a small taste of all of the amazing things Im ready to share with you in this course. So press play, have fun, and when you are ready for an ENCORE, click here to enroll. 

Seated Workout

Best Seated Workout. This Chair Cardio Routine Will Kick Your BUTT!

As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, be smart, and move mindfully. Huge thank you to Fitbit Headquarters in SF for having me as a guest to film this workout! I got steps in without having my feet touch the floor… and my new Fitbit Versa showed me that my heart rate was UP during this hard seated workout!

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I hope this seated workout reminds you that you are strong inside and out. And I hope it helps you continue to kick butt in life.

Stay strong my friends,


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