Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief. Feel Better Fast With This Sciatic Nerve Routine.

You don’t have to live with pain! Sciatic Pain, or Sciatica, which is pain along the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg, can cause severe, debilitating pain. But there are all natural ways to ease and treat Sciatic Pain. Get Sciatica Pain Relief with this quick effective video routine.  Read on and press play.

Sciatica Pain Relief
Sciatica Pain Relief. Photo Credit Dan Goodman photography

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Hi Friends!

Are you struggling to overcome a “pain in the butt” sensation? Do you ever wake up feeling agonizing pain all the way from your upper thighs to your feet? Do you deal with nagging lower back pain that spreads downward and won’t seem to quit no matter what you try? You could be dealing with sciatic nerve pain, also called sciatica, which causes painful throbbing in the lower back and limbs. I am here to help you feel better!!

This is my second Sciatica Pain Relief video. View the first here and feel better fast here. 

These videos have helped people all over the world overcome Sciatic pain with an exercise routine designed specifically to help stabilize the pelvis and muscles of the hips, core, and butt to prevent and treat pain. In this video, I’ll guide you through simple stretches and strength exercises that will relieve sciatic pain and tension.

You’ll begin this therapy based workout session with a few simple stretches that will likely stop your pain immediately. Then I will lead you through a series of key exercises to strengthen your core, legs, and butt. These moves will help you develop the strength you need to stabilize the pelvis and live without sciatic pain. Once you are pain free continue to practice these exercises on your own to bring long lasting relief and prevent future flare ups.

Many doctors will tell you that you should stop training or stop the sport that caused the pain, however I believe that it is possible to overcome Sciatic pain and it’s symptoms with proper management and therapy based exercises like the exercises in this video. Movement is medicine. A regular physical stretching and strength routine will help you get rid of sciatic pain and live tension free. Repeat this routine as much as needed to keep your body feeling its best and live without sciatic pain. Ready to feel better? Press play.

Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief.

Try this video and let me know how it makes you feel in the comments below. I hope it gives you Sciatica Pain Relief and helps your body feel better! As always, please check with your doctor to make sure these recommendations are right for you. Honor your body and be good to yourself. Stay strong and keep smiling my friends. Always cheering for you.



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  1. Thank you, Caroline! Your sciatica videos are such a lifesaver for me. I do them every day. If I don’t, The pain is not manageable. If I do, the pain is negligible. Thank you again!

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