Caroline’s Memorial Day BOOTY Camp WORKOUT. A 15 minute circuit to celebrate freedom and HEALTH.

A BOOTYcamp to leave you breathless… and strutting your stuff all holiday long 🙂

Memorial Day. A time to remember those who have given their lives to this country. A time to appreciate the people in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard who bravely serve us all. Why not honor them and celebrate our freedom with a kick BUTT workout routine?! This military themed circuit would make those in the services proud. Built on three fundamentals of training —cardio, strength, and agility—my Memorial Day BOOTYcamp provides maximum results with minimal equipment. It’s a non-stop sequence of high energy, full-body exercise. A quick and effective workout to bring your Memorial Day more energy and health.  Get ready to sweat….. Celebrate your freedom and BRING IT!

Caroline’s Memorial Day BOOTY Camp WORKOUT. A 15 minute circuit to celebrate freedom and HEALTH. 

Warm Up: 4 minutes

1 minute walk or jog in place

30 seconds jumping jacks

30 seconds high knees

1 minute speed skate

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds jumping jacks

1 minute walk or jog in place.

Circuit One: Upper Body / Core (2 minutes)

This series is NON STOP for 2 minutes – try to hold your 20 second plank/ 10 second pushup with good form the entire circuit. Start in a plank on your hands and hold 20 seconds. Immediately move into pushups for 10 seconds and then return to plank. Repeat FOUR times. Want more? Perform the circuit again for a total of 4 minutes. Its intense! Watch your form and make sure you are breathing.

Circuit Two: Lower Body (5 minutes)

30 seconds squats

30 seconds alternating lunges

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds squat jumps

30 seconds jog in place

30 seconds alternating jump lunges

30 seconds speed skate

30 seconds alternating lateral lunge (click here for description)

30 seconds squat hold – best possible form in the SQUAT!

30 seconds jog in place

Circuit three: Total Body 4 minutes

20 seconds of burpees performed like THIS

10-second march or jog

Circuit three is the most challenging of them all. If you start to lose your form, modify your burppee or take a round out to rest. Quality over quantity – give it ENERGY and go for it!

If you still have time, finish your workout with this quick 10 minute full body stretching video:

The above workout can and should be modified to meet your specific needs. As always, HONOR your body and injuries. While I am a certified fitness professional, its always a good idea to check with your doctor before making any fitness and nutrition changes 🙂

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This routine is one of the most intense circuits I have ever posted on the blog. I’m excited to hear what you think and how much you LOVE the burpees! Leave a comment below when you have completed the workout and let me know how it goes. Was it hard, easy, or just crazy? Cant wait to congratulate you on the accomplishment of conquering  a holiday weekend workout.

I know it can be a challenge to squeeze in fitness during eventful long weekends. But remember it’s not the amount of time you have, but what you DO WITH IT that counts. This Memorial Day, perform the above workout routine once through for a quick, effective total body blast. Fuel your three days of freedom with power, strength, and endorphin-energy. Life is short, celebrate it and sweat!

wishing you a healthy, happy holiday. Cant wait to see you soon. Till next time, keep shining 🙂


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