Caroline’s “Secret Sauce” Recipe.

End of the year Fitness Motivation made easy. 

I want to share my recipe for fitness motivation with you.  This “secret sauce” will help you finish the year right and jump start you towards a successful 2012. Remember, it’s not just how you start but how you FINISH that matters. Follow the directions below and give 2011 a STRONG farewell. Looking forward to an inspiring new year of fitness happiness with you all!
Caroline’s Finish The Year Strong “Secret Sauce” Recipe:
1 part Inspiration
2 parts Perspiration
3 parts Determination

Add couple dashes of love. A teaspoon or two of positive thoughts.

Shake and repeat often.

Ingredient Details:

1 part Inspiration

I try my best to inspire you to take action, get fit and live better but I am certainly not your only option. There are incredible stories everywhere about someone deciding to make a change then doing the work to succeed.

Whether you find it in a magazine success story, a blog or a workout video, uncover what truly INSPIRES you. Use that inspiration to light a fire in your belly and jumpstart you into action.  Remember, if someone else has done something amazing, so can you. Choose a positive thought and get inspired. There are no limits to what you can do.


Unfortunately you cant just watch a workout video and  be transformed. You have to do the work and it’s not a walk in the park. To be successful in any endeavor you have to put in some blood, sweat and tears. The  obstacles you overcome are what make the reward so SWEET in the end. The challenge is there to teach you that you are STRONGER than you think you are. Don’t turn away from the work – embrace it and make yourself stronger with every step.

Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.
-A. Branson Alcott


Regardless whether you want to be race day ready or just fit and strong in 2012 it takes consistent action,consistent workouts and consistent healthy eating. You have to find the determination to keep going when it gets tough. To believe in yourself when you want to quit. To get to the gym when you really want to skip it. When you stay determined and DO THE WORK you will reap the results you want. Strengthen your mindset by staying focused to reach your goals. Dont give up, you are worth every drop of sweat.

To keep you motivated till the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, Ive put together the below holiday workout JUST for you. This body weight circuit works your ENTIRE body using functional training and dynamic movement. It doesn’t require any equipment and is perfect for at home fitness, traveling, or when you need a quick workout that provides results FAST. The exercises will challenge your legs, butt, chest, arms, and abs. This routine is good for improving strength, preventing injuries, improving performance, losing weight, and cross training for sports.

Challenge yourself by working through this exercise circuit video 2 or 3 times through for a longer workout routine. Tight on time? Go through the video once  with a focus on QUALITY and giving your best. Remember, when it comes to improving your fitness, ANYTHING counts. Keep moving, stay positive, and you WILL reach your health goals.

If you try out the workout I want to know! Tell me when you’ve completed the routine so I can congratulate you on being a fitness rockstar. Have a special request or want another fitness video for stretching, strength, or cardio? Leave me your requests. I’d love to film more videos that help you on your path to success 🙂

I know if you follow the recipe above you will have a strong jump start on 2012. Get inspired. Be willing to perspire. Stay strong, focused, motivated, and DEDICATED. Finish the year right and ring in a new one with positive energy.

Heres a TOAST to your health and a CHEERS for another fabulous year of fitness.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday –


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