You Got ROLFED. Week Four.

Since beginning my Rolfing Experiment, I have had many clients ask me if they should consider investing in going through the 10 series of structural integration massage process. From what I have experienced so far, I think Rolfing would benefit EVERYONE. The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration does a great job highlighting different individuals that may benefit from the Rolfing method:
“According to Dr. Rolf, all bodies have some degree of disorder and compensation in their structure; therefore she believed that everyone should receive Rolfing Structural Integration. In fact, in her global vision, she imagined a more evolved and structurally efficient human species as a result of Rolfing SI. However, we realize that most potential clients need more compelling reasons to undergo this powerful transformative sequence of session. It is possible to divide those who come to Rolfing SI into two groups.The first and largest group who should consider Rolfing SI are those who have a history of injury or trauma and notice that the effects of their often minor injuries are beginning to interfere with their everyday lives. In many cases these individuals have tried traditional medical treatments or exercise to reduce or counteract the long-term effects of old injuries with varying degrees of success. This group might include former and current athletes, musicians, performers or those engaged in physically demanding jobs who choose not to accept the notion that the quality of their lives must suffer simply because they are aging. In fact, all adults of any age who suffer from any limiting physical discomfort can absolutely benefit from Rolfing SI as long as the pains themselves are in the neuromuscular system and not signs of a nervous disorder or a deeper pathology. For most of us, Rolfing SI combined with appropriate movement therapy, such as Rolf Movement® Integration, and exercise offers a long-lasting solution for connective tissue problems.
The second group are those who are on a spiritual path and who find that their physical limitations prevent them from attaining a higher level of spiritual or emotional peace. Frequently, many on this path assume that the body is something to be transcended rather than something to be honored and loved. For these individuals, Rolfing SI can serve as an educational resource which allows them a more intimate and comfortable relationship with their physical body, which in turn allows a greater ability to experience greater serenity. Interestingly enough, as the body transforms physically it transforms on other planes as well, so that, while Rolfing SI’s primary focus is the muscular and connective tissue system, it frequently has an even more dramatic effect in seemingly unrelated areas such as the spiritual. Exactly how this happens is still a matter of much debate and speculation. However, the results of the work were of much greater importance than the how or why for Dr. Rolf. The genius of Rolfing SI is that it can effect so many people in so many ways and continue to reveal new possibilities for such a rich diversity of individuals.”
Even if you don’t consider yourself to be in one of the above categories, theres a good chance Rolfing will help you discover a way alleviate pain and move freely in your body.  I recently went in for my fourth Rolfing session with Marie and continued on the journey towards getting to know my body. Session four was a DOOZY, my pelvis is now in a new place!

The fourth session is considered the first “deep session”  and is described as the junction between the surface-layer work of sessions 1-3 and the core work of sessions 4-7.  It focuses on what is Rolfers call the body’s “active core” , the deep structures that lie close to the spine and the body’s midline. The goal of session 4 is to  improve the weight transmission in the legs, to bring balance to the pelvis, and to free restrictions in muscles connecting the upper and lower body.


During most of session four , Marie worked around my hips, butt, and lower back. The work was intense and eye opening for me.  It wasnt so intense that it was painful, it felt deep and impactful for me. I knew that after years of running and cycling that my hips were bound to be tight…. but I never knew how much tension I carried around my pelvis. There were spots around my sacrum that needed Rolfing more than I thought. I feel so thankful Marie is helping me find better body balance. Throughout our session, Marie had me stand and assess the physical changes before, during, and after the Rolfing work. As I have said before, it really is amazing how much the body changes after going through this massage technique. Throughout the session you can see and feel the differences as your body shifts in its structure. Not only that, but Marie teaches you how to MOVE with this improved posture in a way that helps your body  move in a pain free modality.  During session 4, she taught me how to access my “pelvic floor” and how to use it to improve my movements in training and daily life. The pelvic floor is something you dont think about often, yet is integral to every move you make. We worked on sitting, standing, and moving from a place of proper postural alignment in my pelvis. It was helpful and gave me a strong sense length and freedom in my legs and torso.  At the end of our fourth appointment, I had a new feeling of energy, harmony, and integration in over-all body movement. Session 4 gave me the first glimpse of what Ida Rolf meant when she wrote of a “gravitationally aligned body”. Every session brings me more body awareness and helps my body on its way to a balanced state. Im already excited to find out what eye-opening experience number 5 brings about!

Have you been “Rolfed”? What was your experience? Leave your comments below with your rolfing stories – Id love to hear from you!
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Marie is certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing® from The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.  Her massage training was completed at National Holistic Institute where she was trained in Swedish, Deep tissue. Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology. CLICK HERE to continue reading about Marie Thiebaud, structural integration specialist. 

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