Effortless DIY Halloween Costume Ideas.


When I think of Halloween, my mind fills not with thoughts of spooks and spells, but with thoughts of happiness and excitement. It’s not the holiday most people consider the most positive with demons, devils, and scary things—but to me, it’s filled with festivity and fun.

I think Halloween is one of the greatest holidays because almost everyone can participate in it. When it comes to wearing Halloween costumes, there’s a sense of community, of people who all just want to get dressed up in something silly or scary or sexy. Just go into any Halloween costume store and you’ll see people joined together, searching for the perfect for Halloween outfit. The search itself evokes a sense of community. And then there’s the time spent at a party or trick-or-treating with others who are decked out in fun costumes. When else do so many people of so many different backgrounds spend time joined together celebrating a holiday in costumes?

Halloween is a great time to use your imagination to craft a costume that is unique and innovative. It’s your annual chance to live a fantastical existence. Whatever you want to be, you can put on a costume and be it (or at least pretend to be it). Consider the possibilities! You can be your favorite character (I’ve been Tinker Bell and Princess Peach multiple times). You can be your dream self or favorite animal (a 1920’s flapper and I am still in love with my peacock outfit… oh the feathers! ). The beauty of Halloween is that you can use your creativity to become whatever you want to be (even if only for a night!). 

If you dont already have your Halloween Costume planned out for this upcoming October 31st it’s time to get on it! You dont want to wait till the last minute and get stuck going out as yet another black cat. Not in the mood to go shopping? With a few creative ideas , you can shop cute costumes straight from your closet. I partnered with fashion website, GLAM.com, to put together some fun and entertaining Do It Yourself Halloween Costume YouTube videos. These funny clips will inspire you to look in your closet and create a costume that is unique, fashionable, and perfect for you. At the very least, you’ll get a good laugh out of watching below. Cant wait to hear what you think of me as a scarecrow, super hero, and Olivia Newton John! 


GLAM.com DIY Solo Costume Ideas

Effortless DIY Superhero Costumes (featuring yours truly as supergirl)

Effortless DIY Halloween Costumes featuring a white button down

Easy DIY Halloween Costume featuring Denim

GLAM.com DIY Couples Costumes

There you have it! Great ideas to get you started on the perfect Halloween outfit straight from your closet. Save some money this year and get creative by making your own Halloween gear! It will look great on you 🙂

Need more outfit help? Check in with the Style Squad: http://bit.ly/glamstylesquad

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You can also visit our halloween costume video stars on the web:

Visit GLAM on the web to keep your life, styled: http://www.glam.com 

For me, Halloween has—and will always be—a time for celebration and festivity. In my mind, Halloween is New Year’s Eve and Independence Day rolled into one. It’s better than fireworks, more of a rush than champagne. Whether it was tame classroom parties in grade school, wild parties in college, or classy nights out in SF, Halloween has always been a time for celebrating, for dressing up, and for tricks (and treats!). Even if Halloween doesn’t hold the same special place in your heart, I hope you still enjoy the festiveness, doll yourself up in a kick-a$$ costume, and just have FUN with it. 

What will you be dressing up as this year? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’ll be for Halloween.

Sending you lots of tricks and treats for your best Halloween yet!


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