The Long Lasting Benefits of My Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica


In today’s non-stop world, the daily stresses of life can build quickly. Always reachable on our mobile devices, many of us have endless ‘to-do’ lists and are constantly racing to “keep up”. By running from errand to errand, always plugged in to technology, we rarely give our bodies and minds the break needed to recuperate or live fully. Then we wonder why we are tired, unfulfilled, or struggling with anxiety.

People always say they dont have the time to take a break. They put off resting. “Ill just push through this project, work through lunch, finish up these to-dos this weekend and THEN relax” But not taking the time off for yourself will eventually turn around to bite you in the butt. Choosing to go on a health retreat can be the perfect opportunity for you to restore your mind and body to an optimum level of wellness and live a healthier life upon your return home. Wellness retreat benefits are ENDLESS and will allow you to renew your mind, body, and spirit. Here are a few of the top reasons to get off the grid and invest in yourself by joining me in for an inspiring and uplifting trip to Costa Rica January 24-31st:

1. Detox

Eating healthy can be a time consuming process that many have a hard time finding time for. On our retreat the focus is on taking care of every aspect of your well being, starting with the food you eat to fuel your body. If you come on our retreat, you can expect well thought out meals that are not only clean, organic, and nutritious but also delicious. Food is a primary focus at the Chirriposa Mountain and Beach retreat center in Costa Rica. You’ll indulge in healthy, inspiring, vegetarian and vegan dishes, incorporating a wide selection of locally sourced fresh organic ingredients, providing a culinary experience that will nourish, satisfy and make your experience as perfect as nature intended. Your digestion, skin, energy, and weight will all benefit from the week spent nourishing your body with clean, healthy, foods.

2. Unplug

It seems like we are always in front of a screen these days: the computer at work, the television when we’re home, and our phones at all times in between. Our retreat experience offers you a chance to leave your chargers at home, give your eyes a break, and spend some time offline with your thoughts so you can work on your well being without any distractions. It is AMAZING how taking time to unplug can recharge your energy levels and renew your connection to yourself. We recently talked about how stress and anxiety can come from your relationship to technology.  Unplugging for a week offers you the perfect chance to reevaluate what you want to be plugged into most.

3. Break from Routine

It’s easy to fall in a continuous cycle for the sake of convenience. Eat, sleep, workout, work, repeat. But too much routine can have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health. Our Costa Rica retreat is a chance to do something different. To have an active adventure in a breathtaking location with positive people. Its an opportunity to take a time out to look at your day to day life, get coaching, and create powerful goals for what you want for your life. Taking a break from your routine can be the very thing you need to mix it up, gain perspective, and live your life in line with what you value and want for yourself.

4. Exercise

Are you too tired to exercise when you come home after working all day? We all have good intentions but keeping up with our physical fitness can be a demanding task when we all lead such busy lives. Retreats are an excellent way to reconnect with and reboot your physical fitness. On our retreat in Costa Rica the exercise options are endless! Beach bootcamp, jungle running, sunset yoga, surfing, dancing…. every day will be filled with a variety of fitness, dance, and adventure options to fuel your physical wellbeing and re-awaken your love for movement.

5. Connect with Others

Whether you are going on a retreat by yourself, with a friend, or with a group, being surrounded by other like-minded people is sure to inspire you. Retreats facilitate a powerful positive atmosphere and can be very social if you want it to be. Genuine interaction, connection, community, real conversation and laughter can do wonders for your health. In Costa Rica, You’ll make some new lifelong friends who will support you in your health and happiness.


6. Pamper Yourself

Retreats offer you the chance to take some much needed time for yourself. A retreat allows you to pamper yourself and heal your body with a massage, facial, other wellness treatments, sleep, and relaxation. You’ll feel completely supported and taken care of.

7. Relax and Unwind

Without your everyday demands and distractions, you will finally have time to do the activities that you have always wanted to do. Take a walk, go to the beach, read a book, or meditate. Simply getting away to a more peaceful atmosphere will reduce your stress levels exponentially and restore your physical and mental health. Chronic stress can create a slew of serious health problems and prevent you from living your most positive, present life. Taking the FULL retreat experience to relax and unwind will allow you to maintain your health and wellbeing over time.

8. Get out of Your Head

There’s no better way to get out of your head and break the pattern of negative/abusive thoughts than putting yourself in an environment of striking beauty. A beautiful retreat sanctuary in a lush tropical environment with panoramic ocean and mountain views is the perfect solution for a mind awash with negativity. Transcend your own mind and merge with the beauty of paradise!

These are only a few of the incredible health and happiness benefits of taking time for a wellness retreat. I know its scary to take a week off work, put yourself in a new environment, and reconnect to yourself and what you want. But you know what? YOU ARE WORTH IT. You deserve to feel good and to live a life you love.

Join me in Costa Rica and make an investment in YOU.  Click HERE for more information. Dont miss out on this once in a lifetime wellness experience at the life changing Chirriposa Mountain and Beach Resort! 

Cheers to health, wellness, and living every second in this one and beautiful life.



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