Get Rid of Sciatic Pain. Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Pain Relief (Part 2)

Sciatic Nerve Pain, or Sciatica, which is pain along the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg, can cause severe, debilitating pain. But there are all natural ways to ease and treat Sciatic Pain. Read on for a free daily exercise routine to overcome Sciatic nerve Pain.

sciatic nerve pain

Are you struggling with sciatic nerve pain? Do you ever wake up feeling agonizing pain all the way from your upper thighs to your feet? Do you deal with nagging lower back pain that spreads downward and won’t seem to quit no matter what you try? You could be dealing with sciatic nerve pain, also called sciatica, which causes painful throbbing in the lower back and limbs. But dont worry, Ive teamed up with Doctor of Physical therapy Marc Robinson to give you a free exercise guide to get your body feeling better again!

In this video, Marc and I share the best exercises to do on a daily basis to heal from sciatic nerve pain. This free exercise routine is designed specifically to help stabilize the pelvis and muscles of the hips, core, and butt to prevent and treat pain. In this video, I’ll guide you through simple stretches and strength exercises that will relieve sciatic pain and tension. Ready to get started? Click below to watch our video together, get moving, and feel better.

Get Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain Part Two. Exercises For Pain Relief. WATCH BELOW

Many doctors will tell you that you should stop training or stop the sport that caused the pain, however I believe that it is possible to overcome Sciatic pain and it’s symptoms with proper management and therapy based exercises like the exercises in this video. Movement is medicine. A regular physical stretching and strength routine will help you get rid of sciatic pain and live tension free.

Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain Quickstart Guidebook

Start moving now to eliminate pain and feel like yourself again.

In this guide you will:

  • Get the 5 best exercises to minimize discomfort from an irritated sciatic nerve.
  • Gain Access to a 10-minute daily routine that that fits into anyone’s busy schedule.
  • Feel confident to exercise again with instructions from a qualified Fitness Coach and a Physical Therapist.


A little about us, we are health professionals that care about you, your fitness, and you feeling your best.   

We are here to give you the tools and education to better heal from pain so that you can enjoy life. It is our mission to help people everywhere use movement as medicine for mental and physical wellbeing. We are here to support you in finding safe ways to heal and feel better. Our programs will offer you tools and resources to help you in every step of your healing journey. 

We’ve seen these exercises work for hundreds of clients all over the world. And more importantly, we’ve seen the power of quality movement in helping people gain a sense of control and wellbeing while healing. This exercise approach has brought people together – this program is an opportunity for you to meet people just like you, that have made the leap to learning more, challenging themselves to grow stronger out of injury, and have found success in healing. We believe you can be one of them.

We are excited to have you as part of our community, so be on the lookout for more Sciatic nerve pain solutions coming soon, and also we’ve got an amazing free sciatic nerve pain facebook support group with members sharing strategies and helping each other. We even pop in and do exclusive trainings from time to time. Click the button below to join us on facebook, we cant wait to have you!

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Download free sciatic nerve pain exercise guide

We are confident that if you follow the suggestions and exercises in the Sciatic Nerve Pain Exercise Guide that you feel better in your body and return to your active life.

If you like this free guide, please share this link : with others who may benefit from these daily exercises for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief.

Here to help you use movement as medicine to feel your very best,

Caroline and Marc

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