Healing Foot. My Foot Injury Is Actually Getting Better. Here’s Why…

Healing foot injuries?! YES it is possible.

My Foot is actually getting better!! Read on to learn WHY I feel I am healing positively and making progress in recovery.

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healing foot injury


I have some exciting news to share with you today – my foot is finally feeling better from years of injury. I’d like to share a few of the reasons why I believe I am healing foot injury and making progress.

The frustrating part about healing foot injuries is that they are not a quick recovery. THEY TAKE A LONG TIME and healing is never a straight line. There are ups, there are downs, and there are a LOT of in-betweens. And healing tends to take SO MUCH LONGER than you want it to. The process can take years (and sadly some people never properly recover).

It can feel so challenging to trust the healing process. Are you getting better? Will you recover? The constant fear of NOT healing is real. There is anxiety, worry, endless cycles of stress – not to mention the pain from the injury makes everything worse. I know this state all too well. I’ve been there. And even though Ive made progress, I’ll probably be there again at some point tomorrow.

Truth is, it’s HUMAN to struggle with worry while you are healing. You will have days where the pain is so frustrating, discouraging, and isolating. It can seem impossible to have FAITH and TRUST in your body’s ability to heal itself. But faith and trust are essential ingredients in your path towards healing and returning to health.

So on those down days when you feel you can’t endure. When the pain of injury is just so real. When you’ve lost your trust in your body and in yourself…..

Im here to remind you, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

In my own healing journey these little reminders helped prevent me from going crazy. Hurt Foot Friends on the OTHER side of injury would cheer me up with stories of healing success.  This is actually a huge reason created my Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program – to build a community of supportive friends who cheer you on during recovery challenges.

If you are having a down day or a dark moment I want to remind you: Everything changes in the healing process. Your body is CHANGING right this second.

So please remember: everything in life is temporary. Every time it rains, it stops raining. You will get through this. It WILL CHANGE. And the good news is, you will change with it in beautiful ways. Challenge yourself to shift your mindset, to see injury as an opportunity for learning and growth. Choose to get stronger and believe in the blessings behind this time in your life. Surround yourself with support, like minded people who GET IT. Find ways to use this time to your advantage and benefit. Your struggles are making you, not breaking you. It doesn’t matter what’s been done; what truly matters is what YOU DO from here.

I wanted to share these important reminders with you and a few helpful tools I’ve used in my own healing foot injury journey. Whether you are healing foot injury or not, these healthy lifestyle habits WILL positively impact your health. Give this video a watch and let me know if you’ve tried these suggestions for success below in the comments.

Healing Foot Injury?! Yes it is possible, here’s what has helped my foot in positive recovery. 

Here are a few of the reasons I believe I’m healing foot injury:

I may not be able to wear high heels yet (not sure thats going to happen…. **tear**). But Ive come so far and am stronger in ways I never dreamed before. I still have my down days (don’t we all?) but the mental strength and Hurt Foot Fitness community Ive gained through the healing process helps me manage those down days with calm superpowers.

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I hope that no matter where you are in your healing journey, this article and video gives you positive reminders that there WILL be good days and you can get there.

Are you healing from an injury? What do you think has helped you the most in the process of healing?

Sending you love and light my friends,


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