When Will My Injury Fully Heal?

“When will my injury fully heal?” Here’s your answer on how to deal with that question and allow yourself space for healing. 

When will my injury fully heal?

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“When will my injury fully heal?”

This is a question I get asked constantly by my injury recovery clients. Everyone wants a specific timeline to know when they will be “cleared” to go back to their normal routine, activities, and life. But that is the tricky thing about injury. Everybody’s body is different and there is no set time or path to follow. There isn’t a way to control when you will get better or when you will fully heal. There isn’t a doctor or professional out there that can give you the “green light” to return to everything you were doing before the injury. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way.

Your recovery process will be unique to you. You don’t know when you will fully heal or what date you’ll be able to return to the activities you had before your injury. You don’t have control over the healing timeline. This can often be the most frustrating piece of healing: the NOT knowing. When will I recover? Will I recover at all?

This fear and frustration can be overwhelming. It can consume your thoughts, actions, and mind. You might find yourself waiting, saying things like: “I’ll wait until I get better to travel” or “When my injury is healed that is when I’ll start dating” or “I will start being social again once I am better”. But this attitude towards healing does not serve you. If you wait until your injury heals, you could be putting your life on hold.  You have to find ways to live your life despite your injury. You have to challenge yourself to still get OUT there and do incredible things while you heal.

You might find yourself in a dark hole of worry and anxiety. “What if I don’t heal?” “What if it never gets better?” You spend your days in this endless cycle of obsessive thoughts, worried about your injury and the outcome.

When you find yourself in this state of mind: trying to predict or control the date or outcome of your healing, here are my top coaching tips to help you stay positive, powerful, and in the present moment.

Injury Heal

How to deal with the question, “When Will My Injury Heal?”

  1. Stop trying to control. Create space for healing by letting GO. I know this is incredibly challenging to do, especially if you are the type of person who is so used to being able to set and accomplish goals. You can’t put your body on a specific timeline for healing. Trying to control the process of recovery will just end up being frustrating and defeating. The best path is to accept what is and make the best of it. Create a space for healing by allowing your body to do what it needs to do to recover instead of forcing, controlling, or trying to FIX things. You must just let go and let your body do its thing. When you do this then you can give yourself the space to heal.
  2. Remember: the point of power is in the present moment. When you try to predict when you will heal, you are living in the future not in the present. You are getting too far ahead of yourself. You don’t know what the future will hold and living two steps ahead of yourself doesn’t help. Stay in the present moment! Practice gratitude for what you have and find ways to appreciate the moment you are in even when it is challenging.
  3. Do what you can do today. Ok so you can’t run, or wear high heels, or do some of the things you were able to do before the injury. BUT you can do other things! Find those things. Challenge yourself to find new things you CAN do in your life. Spend your energy doing new things. This will be empowering and help you get out of the mindset of obsessing about your injury, your healing, or your outcomes.
  4. You may lose things you love, but you find other things. Ok so I lost running, but I found strength training (and launched an amazing women on weights program to share that love with other women). It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted.
  5. By stressing about WHEN you will heal, you are creating additional suffering for yourself. Don’t make life harder than it has to be. Let your body heal and focus your mind and energy towards positive things that move you forward in life.
  6. Try to see the bigger picture of your life. This is temporary and there is a greater plan for you outside of this challenge. In fact, this obstacle may lead you to grow into the person you are meant to become. TRUST that there is a purpose within everything you face in growing you stronger and living a more meaningful life.
  7. I want to leave you with this: the point of power is ALWAYS in the present moment. Stay grounded in TODAY and don’t live in the past or worry about the future. Be grateful for where you are in this moment and then make the very best of it.

I encourage you to stay STRONG. To rise up to the challenge. To be AWESOME despite your challenges. To deal with the unpredictability of healing by choosing to live in the present moment and make the best of it. You don’t know what the future will hold or when you will be fully healed. But you DO know that today is a gift and that you can make it count.

Did this video help you? Please share a comment below. If you know a friend who could benefit from the words above, forward this to them. We all could use a little help in healing.

Sending you love and light – stay strong and keep shining my friends.


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5 Replies to “When Will My Injury Fully Heal?”

  1. Hi Caroline. I’ve been dealing with an ankle fracture for a while and you’re words are right on target and so helpful and encouraging. Thank you. Wishing you the best.

  2. Hello Caroline. I have been dealing with an ankle injury for a while. I sprained it very badly during a cross country meet and I ended up destroying an entire muscle group. I went to physical therapy and they did everything they could, but it is still incredibly weak. It makes cracking noises when I walk or move it around and sometimes it just hurts too much to walk on it. I did not know how to stay fit with this kind of injury and I sort of fell to the wayside with that, but your videos have been helping me get back in shape. I just wanted to say thank you.

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