Coming Back From Injury Workout Routine. Fitness Video To Help You Return To Training Strong.

Coming back after an accident, hurt foot, or sports injury? It’s time to start moving again. Use this fitness video to help you return to training strong.

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Coming Back From Injury Workout

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Returning to exercise after an injury SAFELY can be challenging. Even if you’re fired up to jump back in full force as soon as possible, that’s not always the best idea. You want to return to fitness carefully so you don’t end up sidelined from going too hard, too fast or two soon. Follow these training tips to ease your way back into exercise after an injury and use this fitness video to help you build a strong, bulletproof body.

Return Safely To Exercise From An Injury With These Tips:

Get permission from your doctor. Are you ready — really? You might think so, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before you lace up your sneakers. Even if you think the answer has to be yes. If you’ve been working with a physical therapist or another sports medicine professional, ask them, about your specific physical recommendations and needs in returning to activity. Your therapist should have taught you specific moves to strengthen and stretch the injured area. You shouldn’t return to your sport or activity until the pain, swelling, and stiffness have improved a lot. Pushing yourself too soon could make your recovery take longer or make your injury worse, so be sure you get the green light from an expert.

Learn from your past and grow better from it. Be careful to avoid the reason WHY you got the injury in the first place. Did you push your body beyond its limits? Wear the right protective gear? Take enough time for rest and recovery? You might not have done anything “wrong,” but sometimes there’s a lesson (or a few!) to be learned from your injury experience. Let your past educate and empower your present! You can take all of the valuable lessons you’ve learned and grow better from it.

Focus on staying mentally positive. Most injuries are temporary, please remind yourself that you will be able to return to the sport or activity you enjoyed. The hardest part is being PATIENT and modifying your expectations on coming back “fast”. Healing takes a long time and this is where mindset is SO important. You want to keep yourself positive while you work consistently at the slow process of recovery. I developed my Hurt Foot Program – to create a community of other people recovering from injury who GET IT and can help cheer you on (or cheer you up) when the recovery process gets long. It’s going to take time to regain the speed and strength you had, but with the right mindset and support you CAN and will get there.

Make your mantra “SLOW and STEADY wins the race”. Go slowly as you ease back into activity. Maybe you used to run 6 miles a day or take 90 minute yoga classes. You’ll likely be able to get back to where you were, but you need to be patient. A good recommendation is to start at about 50% of your “normal” level, and increase only 10% to 15% each week, assuming your symptoms don’t flare-up during or after each session. For example, if you used to run 6 miles, you might walk 2 miles and add a little more distance each week as you progress back into jogging and then running. You also need to PRIORITIZE your physical therapy exercises specific to your injury. If your doctor or physical therapist has given you a set list of post injury exercises to do, these should come first before your workouts. I call it “doing your homework”! If you “do your homework” to make sure your body is set up properly for activity, you will help yourself move forward in recovery. I help you put together a “coming back” fitness schedule and routine in my Hurt Foot Fitness Program and Strong Body program so that you can plan, prepare, and succeed in healing.

Cross train! Cross-training (doing a variety of activities that work different parts of your body) is key. It helps you stay fit while the part of your body that’s injured regains strength. It can also help you avoid getting injured again. If you hurt your knee while biking, for instance, consider adding a low-impact activity such as swimming to your routine. Or if you fell and hurt your wrist going for a match-point shot in tennis, hiking or another lower-body activity lets your injury heal while you keep moving. My Hurt Foot Fitness Program and Strong Body program introduce a variety of SAFE cross training activities to help you get fit in NEW ways while you heal your body. All of the workouts in both programs are designed to help introduce you to new ways of moving your body, so that you come back stronger from injury.

Listen to your body. Learning to listen to your body may be one of the best lessons your injury teaches you.  When coming back from an injury you should expect to FEEL things (especially if you haven’t used certain muscles in a long time). A little discomfort is OK. A lot is not. If you feel a slight pain while exercising, SOMETIMES pushing past it can help you make gains. But you should never be in agony, and you should feel better soon after you stop moving. If the pain is very bad, or if it lasts for an hour or more after you’ve completed your exercise, take that as a sign that you’ve gone too far. You may have to rest for 1 to 3 days before you try again. And when you do, keep it at a less-intense level so you feel good during and after your workout. Be smart and listen to your body if it’s telling you to slow down or stop. This process of listening, honoring, and giving to yourself will allow you to find your strongest self, inside and out.

Coming Back From Injury Workout Routine. Use This Fitness Video To Help You Return To Training Strong. 

I created this video routine to help you ease back into exercise after an injury. You will need a yoga block (you can get one here) to try this video. If you LIKE this routine, then you will LOVE the workouts in my Hurt Foot Fitness or Strong Body Program  which can get you making even more PROGRESS towards positive recovery and balanced body. ENROLL HERE and join us! 

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