Signs You Need To Hire A Health Coach

health coach

Do you need a health coach? Here are a few great questions to consider before making the investment.

health coach

This might ruffle some feathers but… it seems more and more people are cheap when it comes to their health. They cut corners and pinch pennies all to save a buck… and then get upset when they don’t get the results they want. Listen, Im all for being mindful with money. But honestly? You get what you pay for and an investment in your health can go far.

Maybe you are…

5 pounds heavier than you’d like to be

struggling to cope with a high stress job

eating foods that make you feel tired

feeling lost over an important decision

trying to learn how to manage your life with an injury

struggling with depression from not enough self care (been there!)

unable to sleep because you juggle family and work

feeling exhausted from life

just feeling plain STUCK

or…. Im sure you can add to the list!

Whatever health challenges you face, they are sucking ENERGY and JOY out of your life. You want a solution yet aren’t ready to spend money or time working on a resolution. Investing in yourself feels selfish, especially when you’ve got so many other important priorities on your plate. But as your problem continues, you feel more out of control, and it everything goes more downhill.

Being dramatic here, but I see this ALL THE TIME. People complaining about how they can’t get over their health dilemmas yet doing nothing to help themselves move forward.

Of course you CAN go about working on your goals on your own, saving money and trying to find your own solutions. You can be successful… but honestly? Its pretty hard to make AND sustain positive change without help. Accountability is the key. Thats when coaching becomes the most valuable investment you can make – the secret sauce that allows you to be a success.

What do successful people do to grow? They get COACHES to help them reach their goals. Top business professionals have coaches to train peak cognitive performance, health optimization, to train them in the gym, etc. Why do most people not appreciate the value that these top performers see? These professionals got to where they are because they have always understood the value of coaches.

I know in my own life the happiest and most successful Ive ever been is when Ive hired coaches. If you are new to the concept, know that it feels scary at first. You are spending money and time on yourself AND asking for help (what a foreign concept!). You are willingly signing up to let someone else in to push you to make changes. You are saying “hey I’m ready to face this problem and want to accomplish these goals”.  Working with a coach makes your desires REAL, gets them OUT into the world, and helps you create an action plan to move forward (and actually DO what you say you will do). You’ve put down an investment and hired help, there’s no backing out when you sign up.

Scared to work on yourself? Not sure coaching is for you? I know how you feel. Here are a few reasons you might want to hire a coach work for you and your health.

Why you might want to hire a health coach:

  1. Consistently. 80% of people who make health goals break them (or make such extreme changes they end up yo-yoing).  A health coach will show you how to make small changes that will build up to a lifetime of good health. they will help you build your health bank account and be consistent over time which will net lasting results.
  2. Clarity. Maybe you don’t understand why you’ve gained weight, lost energy, or feel depressed. Or you feel like you cant figure out what to do to see the results you want. A health coach will help you gain clarity over your individual situation and identify the best route towards a solution.
  3. Objectivity: A coach can look at you objectively and give you an honest assessment without the cognitive dissonance we all possess when it comes to our own lifestyle and health. Asking your sister or best friend is not the same – a third party who doesnt have ties to your personal life can give you unbiased honesty and thoughts.
  4. Individualization: Each individual is different and general health recommendations do not work. Your health is unique to you, and a coach can help you customize your goals in accordance with your unique lifestyle needs. Working with a coach will provide you with a personalized health & lifestyle plan.
  5. Goal oriented: We all have our own goals that we strive to achieve. A coach can be your guide to helping you reach them. Many books and websites will TELL you what your goals should be and how to reach them but this may not work for you. A coach can help you set clear individual and big picture goals. You may want to lose fat, gain muscle, reduce stress, run faster, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, or live more positively. Instead of looking at each goal as separate, a coach can look at the forest instead of each individual tree and come up with a plan as well as ways to assess progress.
  6. Accountability: There is great value in accountability. Coaches fill this role. Knowing you have a call with your health coach that will ask about your positive diet intentions, keeps it at the front of your mind. Having a personal training session scheduled is much harder to cancel than a visit to the gym. A stress coach that is going to be watching your heart rate variability (HRV) reports or your neurofeedback sessions keeps you focused on completing these task. We want to report that we’ve been successful (especially when we’ve spent money to do so!).

I always tell my coaching clients, “YOU are the boss! I work for you and your health.” Your coach will want you to be a success and find the right partner for your health. There are many different health & wellness coaching options out there and navigating this landscape can be daunting. Always find a coach that offers a free initial conversation. This allows you to determine if they are a good mesh personality-wise, open to your individual goals, and skilled at what they do.

Do you need a health coach? Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

  • Do you have trouble sticking to health-related goals?
  • Do you struggle to keep a calm and positive mindset?
  • Are you always low on energy and motivation?
  • Do you struggle with work-life balance?
  • Do you find it difficult to prioritize your health?
  • Do you rarely let yourself relax?
  • Do you want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle but you’re not sure where to start?

If you really want to work towards reaching your goals and living the life you talk about, hiring a health will be well worth your investment.

Ready to get started? I offer virtual health, fitness, and lifestyle coaching for people all over the world (Tokyo included!). Contact me for a free coaching consultation. Id love to help you get unstuck, feel your best, and open up to the life you want.


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