How To Be In Great Shape While Recovering From An Injury.

How To Be In Great Shape While Recovering From An Injury.

Be in great shape while recovering from an injury! Check out my Full Hurt Foot Fitness Program for a results driven coaching program to help you get your life back faster and grow stronger from an injury.

“When I first found out the I had to have foot surgery, I thought of it as a death sentence. I had no idea how I would mentally, psychically, and emotionally get through it. Thankfully, I discovered Caroline Jordan’s Hurt Foot Fitness coaching program. I wanted to put myself first so I purchased her program and it not only was the leading support in my recovery but also changed my view of exercise. The emotional support and nutritional guidelines were tremendously helpful in getting through the “when is this going to end” days. Fast forward, I am recovered but Caroline Jordan’s  Hurt Foot fitness program is still a huge part of my health and will continue to be because she continues to evolve the program. The HFF Program is the best thing I have done for my health ever. If you are injured, her program is a “must” because it is all the tools to help you feel better about your foot and who you are.” Erin S, Hurt Foot Fitness Program member

“Aloha from Maui Caroline! I just want to thank you so much for your positive attitude. You have helped me get through such a rough time. Since Sept. my Father was in and out of hospital sick and passed away March 28th. Meanwhile I had broke my foot and had surgery in Jan. I was on crutches for 2 months and just got out of my boot this past Monday. Your Hurt Foot Fitness Program got me through it and helped me stay in great shape. I’m an avid runner and spinner, your program kept me from going crazy. I start PT on Monday and feel ready thanks to your workouts! Thanks again for ALL your support, coaching, and positiveness from the bottom of my heart.” – Lauren, Maui, Hawaii

“Hi Caroline, My name is Bob Mayer, and I live in northern Wisconsin.  I needed to go out of my way to thank you for providing the Hurt Foot fitness programI’m a triathlete, half-marathon runner, cross country skier, basketball player, and (aspiring) weightlifter.  So, having a broken foot really upends my lifestyle. I’m appreciative for your coaching and all of the work you put behind helping people like me that have a frustrating injury. My recovery journey was so much more fun and uplifting thanks to your program. I’m stronger because of it. Keep up the good work. Best, Bob” – Bob Mayer, Wisconsin

“Hi, Caroline! I just wanted to say thank you, really! I sprained my ankle for the first time in life, 5 months ago and it was horrible! It happened after training and I was so depressed about it and felt so helpless not able to move for almost 2 weeks and then having pain and not training at all. I was so happy to find your Hurt Foot fitness program and the content has been so helpful ! Thank you for your coaching, positive energy, and help in such hard time. You rock! Keep on your great work! Looking forward to more videos in the program from you! Love and gratitude, Trisha” Trisha, Denmark

“Caroline, I just want to thank you SO much not only for your Hurt Foot fitness program, but for your AWESOME attitude and positive energy!! I have really been lifted up by your validation and empowering dialogue. Seriously, it is a hard thing to recover from an injury and have my usual cardio addiction at a standstill. Your program was my turning point from feeling completely depressed and victimized by my injury–to feeling optimistic and empowered that there IS something I can do to stay fit and positive. Your quote, “The only disability is a bad attitude” is like my new life motto!! I can’t tell you how much I needed that! And I can tell I’m healing faster with working out too. Thank you so much for your amazing work!! It’s making a huge difference for me!! ” Elsie Madison, California

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Injury. Sh**t happens.

But can you still be in great shape while you recover? You bet. And Im here to teach you how.

I know what you are thinking: “But Caroline… how am I supposed to stay in shape without my feet?!” “What do I do if I can’t run? Or jump?”

“I feel so depressed! Im not motivated to do anything when I can’t do the things I love.”

“I dont want to gain weight and turn into a soft, gushy, blob! I can’t exercise with this injury! What am I going to do?!”

Don’t worry! I’ve got a lot of ideas for you. All you need is to coachable, be open, think outside the box, and be game for a challenge. Are you ready to explore new types of movement? Get excited to try new things and see what you are capable of.

Done safely, exercise can be an important way to accelerate healing. The healing process requires good blood circulation and a satisfactory flow of nutrient replenishing blood to the injury area. The tricky part is: your exercise choices need to be SAFE, SMART, and not put ANY stress on your injury… which means you are going to have to get creative.

Thats why I’m so happy we found each other. I can teach you safe exercises and effective workouts you use to come back from injury stronger. Its my mission to help you put one foot in front of the other and get recovered.

But heres the thing you don’t know about getting your foot back: healing is SO much more than physical. Physical fitness is only one small piece of the puzzle. Total Injury Recovery is mental, spiritual, and taking care of yourself as a whole. I am positive you can stay physically fit while you heal, but if you don’t keep your mind in good shape, you won’t recover right. ITS A FACT. Without good coaching, you won’t be able to get back out into the sport of life. Its essential you have the right mindset while you heal so that you can come back stronger. Im here to show you not only how to stay lean and toned, but how to keep your MIND MUSCLE strong. If you want to heal fast AND feel great during the recovery process, you’ll need to master a some mental pushups. Follow the steps below, you WILL be in great shape during the healing process.

How To Be In Great Shape While Recovering From An Injury.

Acknowledge and radically accept the injury. It is not what you wanted. It is not what you asked for. It sucks but here it is and you must be the one to prioritize and deal with it. Resistance in the healing process is not good. Acceptance helps release resistance. Accept that there are some things you cannot control about the healing process, like how long it may take. But also recognize that there are many things you can control, like how you react to it (moment by moment), how consistent you are with your rehab and treatment, the energy of people you keep around you while you are healing (this is a big one, keep the Negative Nancy’s away!), the alternative activities you do with your time while you are healing, and so on.

Be non-judgmental but honest with yourself about how it got to this point. Ask yourself, “What was my body trying to tell me?” and “Did I listen to its first signals? Or wait until it got to the point where the only way my body could get my attention was to take me out of the game for a bit?” This will help you learn how to better listen to your body. It will help you understand your body’s signals and messages to possibly prevent an injury from occurring again. However, sometimes sh*t happens and you break your foot without notice. Acknowledge that too and move on.

Affirm Your Body’s Ability to Recover and Empower Your Mind To Help you Heal. If you believe your body isn’t healing and talk about how you are not getting better, you are affirming the negative and NOT helping the recovery process. You must empower your mind to help heal your body. It’s kind of like preparing to run a race or deliver an important presentation at work. Close your eyes, visualize the outcome you want, and affirm to yourself that your body WILL heal and WILL recover back to full health. Empower your mind to think positively about recovery and help your body heal.  

You are going to have good days and you are going to have bad days. And it’s important to know: that’s OK. Throughout the recovery process you will have days where it’s easy to deal and manage healing. You may also have days where you feel frustrated, upset, impatient, angry, all sorts of emotions. It’s important to know that its totally normal to feel those feelings and to have positive strategies on hand for coping with them when they happen. Don’t isolate yourself or hurt yourself doing something self-destructive (like using drugs/alcohol/food to numb emotions or pushing your injury too far in a workout session that you re-hurt yourself.). Reach out to friends, family, loved ones. Lean on the other members of the Hurt Foot fitness program who GET it. Vent in the private facebook group. Do something to help release the feelings and restore your spirit in a healthy way. Which leads me to my next suggestion…

Cheer Yourself UP. Life is short. Injured or not, there is SO much to enjoy about it. Count your blessings instead of adding up your troubles. Choose to see the good in everything and make the best of the situation. Put on your favorite music. Sing out loud. Shake your booty. Watch funny movies. Surround yourself with friends. Plan your next vacation. Write thank you notes to those who made a difference in your life. Write a note of encouragement to yourself. Find ways to cheer yourself up, I give you dozens of resources in the Hurt Foot fitness program Your body will feel the positive energy and it will make you feel better.

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Do what you CAN do. Don’t stew over what you can’t do. Do what you CAN do. My Hurt Foot fitness program provides a constantly growing hub of SAFE, effective workouts you can do while healing to stay fit.  Be the best patient there ever was, the kind doctors love to work with. Work on the physical therapy exercises prescribed to you through your doctor. Do all your “homework” exercises and follow the doctors orders. You’ll heal faster and it will make you feel better to be proactive and positive about the recovery process.

Visualize it. Affirm it. Talk about it. Yes, realistically you are injured but that is no excuse to rehash the past every day with every ache or pain, or with every person that asks how you are doing. If some asks how you are doing say to them “Thanks for asking and I’m healing up.” or “On my way to coming back stronger and better.” I am a big believer in positive affirmations (in fact, there’s a whole chapter in my book on them!).  I recommend repeating one or two healing affirmations throughout the day. This will keep your mind in good shape. My favorite healing affirmations are “My body now restores itself to its natural state of perfect health” and “Every day in every way I am getting healthier and stronger”. We practice affirmations as part of the Hurt Foot fitness program.

Be kind to yourself. The healing process is all about the art of allowing. Allowing releases resistance and therefore releases tension in the body that is needed for healing, as opposed to the resistance creating tension that inhibits healing. Being angry with our body is like being angry at a kid for having broken leg. What is done is done and now what is needed is support and kindness towards yourself. Also, allow others to take care of you and trust their care. This can be difficult for Type-A-control-freak-independent types (again I say this in the most endearing sense, you all know I love you) but maybe that is a part of the lesson. Many high achieving individuals struggle with asking or receiving help. Be kind to yourself and allow others to help support your needs. This in itself can be very empowering because we are all in this together. There is no person on earth that does not need someone for something in their life, we are all interdependent.

injury shape

Accept this moment and this injury in this time and space. Try to see your injury isolated to this time and space in your life. Just because something is happening now does not mean it will happen again, especially if we learn from it. What you resist only stays with you longer and when you fight something, you only make it stronger. Flow with reality, not against it. Choose to accept what is, be positive and proactive, let go of the need to control every little detail, and embrace peace in the process. Remember: what you resist persists, what you embrace dissolves. Practice letting go and trusting your body. Which leads me to my last suggestion…

Trust yourself and trust your body.  Time to heal allows you to focus on yourself. Sometimes we think that because we train and workout we are paying attention to ourselves when really we may be distracting from life or other issues. An injury allows you to learn more about you. It provides and opportunity to learn how to be more self compassionate. It also provides time to reflect on things that may need to change in your life. Healing through an injury allows you to make space in your life FOR YOU. Guess what, your life is not going anywhere and if you use this time to take care of yourself and heal correctly you’ll probably come back stronger, wiser, and better than before. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. However, it is up to you to prioritize yourself and take good care of YOU during this time. Investing in yourself with coaching and a results based program like the Hurt Foot fitness program will help you overcome the inevitable injury ups and downs with strength.

When it comes to healing: MINDSET and ATTITUDE is everything. I’m confident if you follow the steps above, you will stay strong and come back even stronger from your injury experience to kick BUTT in life.

Get out of the boot and back into life with my results driven Hurt Foot fitness program. This course will give you specific steps to take a proactive approach to healing. Through this program you will gain control over your situation, have clarity on HOW to move forward, and make it to the other side of injury to return to the life you love.  

ENROLL HERE: Hurt Foot fitness program

I hope this offers you some comfort and support through this difficult time. Injury and pain in life are opportunities to grow and sometimes change directions in life. Be open to what this time in your life is reflecting back to you. Take it one day, one breath at a time.

Im cheering for you my friend. 

Happy healing, 


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