Under U-Haul Boxes…. BRB!

Sunshine on my face and boxes all over the place. Moving into my new home in San Diego! I am grateful.

Hello my friend,

If we’ve been keeping in touch, you know Ive moved from San Francisco to San Diego. It finally happened – I went for it and followed my big, sunny dream. I couldn’t be happier to be here and for a new challenge to grow, explore, and follow that which makes my heart soar. This is my first big move in 10 years and what Ive discovered? Moving is a TON of work. Im really enjoying the process and having so much fun creating a new living space. Needless to say, Ive been strapped for time unboxing my life into my new home. So I’ll be taking a brief break from weekly newsletter updates to give myself more space to get settled. I cant wait to show you my new home and share a workout, wellness talk, or sunset with you! Stay tuned for more…. and if you want to laugh along at all my moving adventures make sure to follow me on social media here:

Despite the move, Ive still been working with my virtual clients all over the world. I love what I do because I LOVE who I work for. If you are ready to finally accomplish your big goals, contact me for coaching at : carolinejordanfitness@gmail.com and lets get you started.

Love and San Diego sunshine,


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