Get Rid of Hip Pain With This Hip Mobility Fitness Video Routine (WORKS MAGIC!)

Tight hips? This hip mobility fitness video will help you loosen up. Keep reading….

Tight hips have probably gotten in the way of your daily activities or exercise goals countless times.

The hips are connected to every part of the body, and when they’re not moving well, there’s a chain reaction of restriction. You can’t squat easily, your hamstrings start to feel tight, maybe you compensate with certain movements when you walk which causes your back to start tightening up—and so on and so forth.

If you have restrictions in your hips, it will stop you dead in your tracks. Poor hip mobility causes issues like lower back pain, knee problems, foot injuries, among other not so fun things… and it gets in the way of running, squats, hiking, biking and other stuff you want to do!

Your hips are the center of movement for your body, so the healthier and less restricted your hips become, the more potential your body has for strength, power, and athleticism. That’s why I made this hip mobility video routine which includes the most effective drills to quickly open up your hips, help you battle chronic aches and pains and have you performing at the top of your game, no matter the sport of activity.

My mission is to teach you how to use movement as medicine to help you feel free in your body—free to do the things that are important to you, and free from pain and restrictions. And that’s just not possible (at least not fully) if tight hips are getting in your way.

But first, what is mobility and why is it important?

Quite simply, mobility can be defined as ‘usable ranges of motion’. It’s the foundational tenant of athleticism.

To maximize our performance potential, we need to have adequate ranges of motion, strength through our ranges and maximum control of our individual joints. Only then we can function well, produce smooth coordinated motion and distribute forces evenly throughout the body. Stiffness, restrictions, and in some cases, pain, are signs that mobility may be compromised.

Is mobility the same thing as stretching? NO.

Stretching alone only ‘temporarily’ allows access to greater range of motion. This is quickly reversed if it’s not accompanied with some kind of specific strengthening work. So stop passively stretching your hips in pigeon pose for hours – start working on active MOBILITY and your body will see better results.

The hip mobility routine video below is not “just some stretches,” but rather, it’s a sequence of exercises designed to help you overcome the most common restrictions so that you can start moving the way you want and need to. In this video, I share a handful of exercises that combine stretching AND strengthening to improve your active range of motion for the hips (mobility). This routine can either restore the mobility you’ve lost, or much preferably, prevent those losses from happening. Done consistently, this video works MAGIC and will help you unlock pain free performance and potential in life. I’ve used it on myself and countless of clients to heal from injury and find freedom in sport. I hope it helps you too! Ready to get mobile? Press play on the video below.

Get Rid of Hip Pain With This Hip Mobility Fitness Video Routine

Whew! That was a world of good work! How do your hips feel? I know when I do these exercises on a regular basis, I feel like Ive seen the world’s best chiropractor! No need for physical therapy when you can take care of your OWN body with these preventative exercises. I challenge you to try this hip mobility routine 4-5 times a week BEFORE your workouts for one month and tell me HOW it makes your body feel HERE in the comments.

No matter how you incorporate this hip mobility training into your program, one thing’s for sure: working on your hip mobility will allow you to move better, feel better and perform better in no time.

Here’s to you and happy hips for life,


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