Long, Lean, Dancer Ab Routine (To help You Train for Costa Rica January 2015)

I could dance before I could walk. My mother put me in ballet slippers before any other shoe and I havent stopped moving since. I worked my way up in the Royal Academy of Ballet elementary through high school, and went on to earn my B.A. in Dance at UCDavis. I loved how dance made me feel free, allowed me to express myself, move to music, and be in the moment. My history in dance instilled in me a love of movement – not just for the body benefits but for my SPIRIT. I carry that with me now in every workout. Its not just physical – my soul benefits when I move.

College Dance Major Thesis Piece: Inherently Devine. Posing with my dancers!
College Dance Major Thesis Piece: Inherently Devine. Posing with my dancers!

Dance training involves a lot of daily physical therapy exercises in order to keep the body strong and injury free. Every day the dancer does foot work, hip work, core work, mobility, flexibility, and strength training to keep their body performing at it’s peak. Many of the dance prep exercises are pilates based movements that lengthen, strengthen, and use the entire body as one. This explains why dancers are functionally fit athletes – in shape bodies that can do AMAZING things.


Through creating videos for my YouTube channel, I have received many requests for dance based workouts. I filmed this dance ab workout routine to demonstrate some of the moves we used in my dance training days. These exercises were done daily in the studio and will help shape and tone a dancer’s 6 pack stomach. This video is a blend of pilates and dance based ab exercises designed to lengthen, tone, and shape the core without adding bulk. The moves you will go through in this video include:

  • The pilates hundred
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Single leg stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Single Leg criss cross
  • Pilates roll up
  • V sit with a twist
  • Plank with a calf stretch

Dancers work their core muscles daily because they recognize how important it is to performance and health. Your core supports every thing you do. Having strong abs will help you move better, dance better, look better, AND have amazing posture. This routine can be done a few times a week in combination with regular cardio, strength, and flexibility training. Combined with consistent exercise and a clean, healthy diet, this ab routine will help you feel better in your body and achieve amazing physique results.

You can work through this video at a gym, at home, in the dance studio, or while traveling. Repeat the series 2-3 times if you need an extra challenge!

As always, please check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body and its needs – exercise mindfully always.

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These dance based exercises will be moves you’ll get to see more of on my “Reboot, Renew, and Reawaken Retreat” In Costa Rica January 2015. I highly recommend working through the exercises above so you are ready to join us for 7 days of invigorating fitness activities, powerful yoga, energetic dance and motivational wellness workshops. Reboot your health, renew your energy and reawaken your spirit in Costa Rica January 24-31st! Fitness, Yoga, and Dance… there’s no better way to kick off your new year in a positive place. Hope you can join us 🙂 To learn more about this special retreat experience, CLICK HERE. 

Cant wait to hear how your abs enjoyed my “Long and Lean Dancer Ab Routine”! Keep moving, keep going, keep growing, keep up the great work! Ill see you for another great workout (or retreat!) soon!

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