November Fitness Calendar Fall Into Fitness

Welcome to your Fall Fitness Calendar Challenge! Download my free November Fitness Calendar to get motivated and get moving for a healthy fall season. Follow the scheduled program to add variety to your workout routine, beat plateaus, achieve results, and feel your best inside + out. Challenge yourself to complete every day of the month, try new workouts, and surprise yourself with strength! Share this calendar with your friends and family – together we can empower each other to adopt a movement habit that enhances the quality of life.


Click on each day on the calendar to go directly to the Youtube videos. Each week you’ll get strength workouts, cardio workouts, and rest days. While you can stay active on your rest days by going for a walk or light jog, remember that taking a break is also important. I’ll give you foam rolling, meditation, and stretching workouts on rest days to keep you feeling your best.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel where you can find all the workout videos here. You can check off each day’s workouts as you go along and see your progress to stay motivated for a festively fit fall season of health.

Whatever you do, KEEP YOUR CALENDAR IN VIEW. To really stay accountable, tweet me or tag me on Instagram @carolinejordanfitness with a pic of you doing your November calendar workouts so I can send some encouragement your way!

That’s it! I wish you the best of luck on the start of your fall fitness festivities. I know you’re going to find the entire experience transformative, not just for your body, but for you mind and your spirit as well. Prepare to feel like a new person in 30 days.

Comment and let me know if you’re doing this! I’m sooooo excited for you! Lets make November Festively Fit!

Love and gratitude,


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