On my 30th birthday, YOU have the power to help me realize a dream.

September 27th, 2015 is the day I turn 30.

On my 30th birthday, YOU have the power to help me realize a dream.

I have always loved to write. I have kept  journals from the beginning of time, and I share much of my writing publicly on my blog: http://www.carolinejordanfitness.com/blog/

In year 29, I turned my longtime goal of writing a book into a reality: “Balanced Body Breakthrough” is my coaching resource guide to getting your body, mind, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life.

It’s the modern hero’s journey from burnout to balance.

Through my work in wellness, I see so many people struggle to find balance, health, and self-love in their lives. Burnout is a growing epidemic that is making our world sick, tired, and joyless. This book is a source of inspiration, information, encouragement, and support for people suffering from burnout and searching for a solution.

Much of the content is material I present at wellness workshops, speaking engagements, classes, and client sessions. The material has been so helpful and well received, I wanted to put it into one place in order to share it with others.

The introduction is my own personal story, how I recovered from burnout and became the balanced wellness coach I am today.

Chapter one is an in-depth coaching exercise designed to help the reader define their ideal vision of success and set SMART goals to take action steps forward. The following body, mind, and spirit chapters are full of resources, strategies, and tools that can be used individually or together to help you re-set your life.

Think of it like a lifestyle buffet: it allows you to fill your plate with the suggestions and strategies that work for you. I’ll be your coach through the process, asking you questions and guiding you to continue to customize your lifestyle based on your wants and needs.

This book is designed to help the reader beat burnout by personalizing their approach to living well and empowering them to take real action towards achieving their vision of success.

This book will help you:

  • Get clear on what YOU want. Identify your vision of success and ideal healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a plan to take real action towards real results and realize your ideal vision of healthy living in your life.
  • Find the information, strategies, and tools that can support you in personalizing your approach to balanced body living.
  • Beat burnout through a preventative self care plan and healthy habits that work for YOU and your lifestyle.
  • Get the coaching and encouragement you need to take action and create lasting positive change in your life. Leave the yo-yo’s and extreme days behind you and find the feel good life your heart desires.

I believe in this work. I believe it will really help you in your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

I am using InkShares to crowdfund and (hopefully) publish this book. If I can get 1,000 book pre-orders within 90 days this dream can become REAL and I can share “Balanced Body Breakthrough” with you.

Here are all the details on how you can support and help me make this dream come true:

What is Inkshares? Inkshares is a book publisher that has readers, not agents or editors, decide what to publish. They publish any work that successfully hits a pre-order threshold on their platform. By “publish” it means that they edit, design, print, distribute, and market books. The Inkshares process is simple: authors pitch, readers pre-order, and they publish. Any author can submit a proposal for a book. Once the project goes live, readers support the project by pre-ordering copies of the book. Readers are charged only when books hit their goal. Once the pre-order threshold is hit, Inkshares starts publishing: they assign authors an editor, a designer, and they handle all aspects of printing, distribution, and marketing once the manuscript is finished.

Why not just self-publish Caroline? Self-publishing places the burden of editorial, design, production, distribution, and marketing on the author. For many authors (myself included) this is a daunting task.  For authors who want the services provided by a traditional publisher—including marketing and distribution into physical bookstores—but with higher royalties and direct reader engagement, Inkshares is one of the best options for publishing a high-quality book that is competitive in the marketplace.

How is this different than Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon provide stand-alone crowdfunding platforms without publishing support. Once an author raises funds on these sites they have to figure out production, distribution, and marketing on their own. With Inkshares, authors can focus on their writing while we handle the logistics of producing, distributing, and marketing their work.

How Can YOU help? My manuscript is written and ready to be turned into a book. I’ve set up a pre-order campaign through Inkshares. In order to publish this book I need to get 1,000 copies pre-ordered. That means I need 1,000 readers to buy into my book campaign. If I reach my pre-order goal, InkShares will start the publishing process with me. They will edit, design, print, distribute, and market my book. They will work with me to make this manuscript into a physical product. Then you will receive your copy of the book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough”, the book YOU helped make REAL.

For my 30th birthday I’d like to ask for your support in making this dream a reality. Click here to visit my InkShares page and pre-order your copy of “Balanced Body Breakthrough” today https://www.inkshares.com/projects/balanced-body-breakthrough

Thank you for your time, for reading, and for your support. I would be so grateful if you would share this dream with your friends on Facebooktwitter, or email. I hope to make year #30 the year I publish a book!

In birthday gratitude,


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