Pilates Butt Lift Workout. Give Your Booty a Boost in 10 Minutes

Press play and join me for a fun, feel good pilates butt lift workout! Give your booty and mood a boost in 10 minutes!

Pilates Butt Lift Workout
Pilates Butt Lift Workout

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Hi Friends!

Take 10 minutes out of your day to boost your booty with me! This pilates butt lift workout will sculpt your hottest ASSet and make your body feel fabulous fast. The pilates exercises in this video work your butt from all angles. You will strengthen your glutes, hips and outer thighs, as well as increase your range of motion and flexibility.

This workout is no-impact and low impact. All you will need is a yoga mat to get started. For those of you who are recovering from a foot, ankle, or lower leg injury, this exercise video is also a great option for you. Ready to boost your booty?! Press play and lets lift your butt UP!

pilates butt lift

Pilates Butt Lift Workout. Give Your Booty a Boost in 10 Minutes

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As always, check with a doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and make the challenge feel amazing!

You DID it! How do you feel?

Let me know how your body (and BOOTY) feels after you try this pilates butt lift workout video in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you and your booty muscles. As always, if you liked this video, please hit LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channeland share it with your friends! Your support means the world and helps me continue to create feel good fitness videos.

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