Prevent Burnout, Find Balance. Corporate Wellness at Sephora Headquarters.

Presenting "Wellbeing At Work" at Sephora H.Q. San Francisco, CA
Presenting “Wellbeing At Work” at Sephora H.Q. San Francisco, CA

Ah Sephora. One of my all time favorite brands. Even as a little girl I was fascinated by beauty products. I remember playing with my mother’s lipsticks and eyeshadows, strutting my stuff around our home with purple eye color, bright red lips, and my little feet swimming in Mom’s high heels. The love continued through my dancing days and I got to play with makeup for hours backstage. Each performance brought the opportunity to experiment with lashes, lipsticks, liners, and sparkle. I bonded with dance friends under the lights of the dressing room mirrors and cherished my purple kaboodle tote of beauty toys. As an adult I still find ways to have fun with makeup. From social nights out to working on a new photo shoot for a project, it always brings me great joy to get creative with the art of beauty products.

My days of dress up have never stopped :)
My days of dress up have never stopped 🙂

When Sephora contacted me about working with them on their corporate wellness goals for 2016 I instantly said yes. (I may have even done a little happy dance). Do the work that I love for a company I love? Sign me up! I was thrilled and instantly got to work creating custom content to support the Sephora staff in their wellness.

I was asked to come in a speak to their leadership team on work wellness, preventing burnout, and finding balance. A few weeks before the event, I had a phone consultation and visited the Sephora office to learn more about their unique work environment in order to customize content tailor fit to their team. I then put together a detailed agenda and crafted up a two hour program designed to raise awareness of wellbeing resources, promote healthy work and lifestyle habits, encourage an environment of support, and allow participants to personalize their approach to healthy living to take action towards lasting results. To sweeten the deal, I also arranged to have my nutrition partner, Aloha ( ), come on site and set up a healthy snack demonstration for the workshop.

work wellness Sephora Sephora work wellness work wellness Sephora

I hosted the program February 10th from 9-11am at the Sephora Headquarters 425 Market. It was a full morning of movement, team building, and uplifting information to promote wellbeing in the Sephora workspace. From the energy, smiles, and feedback I’ve received post workshop, it was an extremely positive and well-appreciated experience. A few weeks later my Sephora contact emailed, “The workshop has created a chain reaction over here at Sephora HQ. It’s becoming a company wide thing, we are starting a movement here!”. I plan to continue to support Sephora in the growth of their wellness initiatives and enable them to achieve their goals for both individual and company wellness.

Working Fit and loving it! All smiles and endorphins at Sephora H.Q.
Working Fit and loving it! All smiles and endorphins at Sephora H.Q.

This is work I jump out of bed for. I see it work wonders in people’s lives both in and out of the office. I see these workshops and events influence individual and company culture for a happier, healthier, more powerful work world. I’m excited to continue this positive momentum, be the change in work wellness, and host more programs and events with lasting impact.  

The truth is, even if you love your job, it’s common to struggle to juggle the important priorities in your life and find health. Burnout — the mental and physical exhaustion you experience when the demands of your life consistently exceed the amount of energy you have available — has been called the epidemic of the modern world. We are seeing alarming increases in mental and physical disease either caused by or exacerbated by stress. One in two men and one in three women are projected to develop cancer in their lifetime. Forty million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety disorders. And 47 percent of our physicians report at least one symptom of burnout.

When you love your job the thought is work harder and longer to climb higher up the ladder. But one thing I know for sure:  killing yourself over your work is not going to help you succeed. Think of how you feel after a poor night’s sleep or how you feel when you go too long without a nutritious meal. If your health fails your performance in your life does too. It’s all backwards. Your health needs to be #1 if you want to perform your best.
Its time to stop working harder and start working smarter. We all need regular reminders and support when it comes to taking care of ourselves so we can live our best lives. No person is an island, we cant do it alone. My goal is to make my workshops and coaching a source of inspiration, information, encouragement, and support to help you personalize your approach to balance and find health.  The information in my programs are REAL, tested, and are ready to powerfully impact lives. I truly believe in my work and am positive it will continue to “start a movement” and inspire a world that is healthy both in and out of the office.

Does your workplace support you in your health? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you do to find balance at work.

I put my heart and soul into my corporate wellness programs and customize my services to benefit the unique needs of the company and the individuals within it.  If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss ways we can work with together and improve the health of your company, contact me at: [email protected]

Here’s to working smarter and thriving in life.


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