Top 3 Shoulder Injury Recovery Exercises (Really Works!!)

Top 3 Shoulder Injury Recovery Exercises (Really Works!!)

Are you looking for the best shoulder injury recovery exercises? Im Caroline Jordan, your certified health and fitness coach and Im here to help you find the movement medicine you need to heal well AND feel your best. In this follow along video we welcome special expert guest Shannon Yeager onto the channel to share her top 3 shoulder injury recovery exercises with us. Shannon has personally recovered from a serious shoulder injury and used these specific moves to heal well and return to 100%! We share this movement sequence with you in hopes that if you too are experiencing a shoulder injury they serve you well.

This routine is appropriate for shoulder injury, shoulder tightness or loose shoulder ligaments. these three exercises will help you mobilize, stabilize and strengthen your shoulder.

As always you want to check with your doctor or health care team before performing this routine. You can show your care team this video in advance for permission and after you get the thumbs up can safely perform this sequence multiple times per week.

Ten minutes is all it takes to feel the difference AND get the shoulder recovery benefits. Grab two sets of dumbbells (water bottles work great), a mini loop band and a chair, table or bench and let’s get started!

Top 3 Shoulder Injury Recovery Exercises (Really Works!!)

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