5 min abs workout at home

Get fit fast in this intense 5 min abs workout at home. This routine includes the most effective moves to strengthen your core muscles without equipment. This is the most intense abs workout that will help you get abs results in 14 days. It’s just a 5 minute home workout challenge, no equipment needed. These abs exercises will show you how to lose belly fat, get a flat stomach and tone your abs from home. Do this for 14 days, paired with my Patreon fitness calendar and good nutrition for the best results. We will move through 5 different exercises for 60 second each. The first 30 seconds of each exercise will be the foundation of the move and then I will provide you with an option to increase intensity for the second 30 seconds. Here are the exercises we will perform in this intense 5 min abs workout at home:

  • crunch / twisting crunch
  • reverse curl / twisting reverse curl
  • hollow body / flutter hollow body
  • super human hold / super human swimming
  • plank hold / plank hip dips

Ready to try it? Meet me on your mat and lets WORK IT in this 5 min abs workout at home


Bookmark this routine for those days you need a quick dose of stress busting movement medicine! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved filming it for you! Dont forget to LIKE and SHARE if the content benefits you!

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Stay healthy my friends and I will see you soon!


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