Low Impact Cardio Workout: 10 min stress-busting | Caroline Jordan

10 min stress busting cardio

Do you ever just need a workout to get rid of stress? Join me for 10 minutes of low impact cardio to lose stress, gain energy, and feel better fast. This quick, effective routine will get you moving right away and is a video you can do anywhere without needing any equipment. So next time stress hits you can STOP IT, DROP IT, and SWEAT it out!

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed it can feel like we don’t have time for anything else. But its the things we do to take care of our health that provide us with the strength (and energy!) to better cope with stress.  10 minutes can go FAR in allowing you the mental and physical relief to endure whatever challenges are on your plate. And remember Ive always got some movement medicine to help you out ! This 10 minute stress busting cardio routine we will cleanse your body of negativity, cultivate positivity, and boost your energy for a calmer mind + body. This video is low impact and will keep you in the fat burning zone while helping you achieve your daily exercise goal. I designed this video to be fun and appropriate for all levels, however remember if any of the steps are too hard…simply march on the spot or step touch it out. My goal is to keep our feet moving for the duration of the workout. I want you to notice how you feel before doing the video and how you feel after, then comment HERE and tell me if your stress went down a notch or two!

Next time you feel too stressed to think straight, I want you to MOVE your body for a few minutes. Press play on the button below and lets sweat the stress out! 

Low Impact Cardio Workout: 10 min stress-busting | Caroline Jordan

Bookmark this routine for those days you need a quick dose of stress busting movement medicine! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved filming it for you! Dont forget to LIKE and SHARE if the content benefits you!

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Stay healthy my friends and I will see you soon!


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