Abs workout for beginners Follow Along 15 minutes (SIMPLE + EFFECTIVE !)

Abs workout for beginners Follow Along 15 minutes

What’s up friends?! Today I am going to show you a strong abs workout that is great for beginners. All of these moves you can get right into without any prior knowledge and they dont require equipment so you can perform them anywhere. These are the most effective exercises when it comes to getting abs without hurting your back in the process. In this video Im going to guide you through 15 core strengthening exercises that will allow you to build stronger abs from the comfort of your home.

They key to the success of any beginner abs workout is the exercise selection. Far too often, ab workouts are too complicated or too difficult for those that are just starting out. Instead of working the abs they also tend to overwork the hip flexors, which can lead to lower back pain. The last thing you want when you are trying to become consistent with an ab workout is to have the workout you are doing cause tightness in your lower back. Just a little bit of discomfort in the back is enough to cause anyone to stop doing ab workouts.

But this beginner ab routine will teach you the fundamentals without any pain. So if you just want to get stronger and see results in your CORE, do this video multiple times per week and expect to see results in a month (in combination with a healthy diet and balanced exercise program of course).

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Ready to get stronger abs now? Meet me on your mat and lets GO!

Abs workout for beginners Follow Along 15 minutes (SIMPLE + EFFECTIVE !)

Exercise list for abs workout for beginners

  • cat cow
  • bird dog hold R
  • bird dog hold L
  • modified plank
  • superman
  • dead bug hold
  • hip bridge
  • reverse curl
  • knee to elbow cross crunch
  • table top toe taps
  • butterfly crunch
  • modified side plank R
  • modified side plank L
  • V sit hold behind legs

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Progress takes practice! Use this routine 2-3 times a week in addition to your balanced exercise programming. Once you are ready to progress, join us on Patreon to start the follow along monthly fitness calendar where I tell YOU what to do everyday to see incredible fitness results. Keep it up my friend, Im cheering for you!


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  1. Dear Caroline. I discovered you just over 24 hours ago while I was looking for a good home workout plan that was fun and motivating. And I’m totally in love with your style of fitness and your immense enthusiasm!! There is such a great selection of videos… There’s something for everyone whether beginner or advanced and even for gals like me with back issues. Thanks and keep those videos coming!

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