Back Mobility Routine for a Healthy Spine Follow Along

Back Mobility Routine for a Healthy Spine

Your spine is your lifeline! But if you struggle with back pain it can be hard to know what exercises help or hurt you. Not to fear, as your certified health and fitness coach I got your back (pun intended). In this video we welcome special expert guest Sam Bell of Sam Bell Pilates onto the channel to share with us her go-to back mobility routine for a healthy spine. Sam has personally overcome a life changing back injury (triple disc compression and spinal fracture) and used this specific routine to heal well and return to living a fully functioning lifestyle. She now shares her passion for back health through her work teaching and coaching pilates and movement. Im so thankful that Sam and I are friends because when I recently hurt my back I knew exactly who to call. Through Sam’s expertise and this video routine I was able to feel better from a serious injury in record time. We share it with you in hopes that if you are struggling to recover from a back injury or keep your back in a healthy state to function properly, it enables you to achieve pain relief and get back into life!

In this routine Sam will guide us through exercises to decompress the spine and mobilize areas that often trigger lower back pain. She will also share cues on form and getting the most out of every movement. If you are looking for our expert tips on how to keep your back healthy and happy for life, make sure to also check out our vlog on our 5 best ways to keep your back happy for life.

As always PLEASE make sure you check with your doctor before doing this or any video. Show them this routine if you like to get the thumbs up. Its always best to preview the moves in advance so you can ensure you know what to expect and can modify as needed to meet your body’s specific needs. Please know that we are here to support you and help you, but you are the CEO of your health and boss of your body so if anything hurts, modify or skip it! Be smart, listen to your body, and move mindfully! Are you ready to join us? Press play on the video below and lets do it!

Back Mobility Routine for a Healthy Spine Follow Along

Check in with yourself before beginning this routine and then after. Comment below the video and share with us how you (and your back) feel! Dont forget to LIKE and SHARE if the content benefits you! Remember we are here to help you stay healthy and active for life. I hope you love this back mobility video as much as we loved making it for you. Stay healthy my friends and we will see you soon!


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