Working From Home Exercise Break Challenge. 5 Minutes of Fitness every DAY for a healthier body and mind

working from home exercise break challenge

Can you commit to doing something EVERYDAY for FIVE minutes? Take the working from home exercise break challenge! Join me for 5 minutes of fitness EVERY day to make your working from home life healthy.


Working From Home Exercise Break Challenge:

  • Five 5 minute exercise videos that focus on stretching all the muscles that get tight when you work from home.
  • Do one 5 minute video EVERY day throughout the work week Monday-Friday
  • Repeat for 6 weeks
  • SHARE your progress on social media! Take a photo and tell me the top 3 results youve gained from 6 weeks of uplifting exercise breaks. Dont forget to tag @carolinejordanfitness

Working from home brings a whole new set of physical challenges. Zoom meetings from sofas or working long hours on a laptop from a dining room tables combined with heightened stress levels will leave your body bent out of shape. If you’ve got a cranky low back, tight neck, stiff shoulders, sore hips, or any sort of body aliment from your new WFH life, I’m here to help. I developed a series of 5 minute working from home exercise breaks that you can integrate into your busy life to find relief. I challenge you to join me everyday for 5 minutes of movement. Take my Working From Home Exercise Break challenge and youll get these benefits:

Working from home exercise break benefits:

  • improved posture
  • better energy
  • pain relief from stiff and tight muscles
  • positive attitude
  • confidence
  • longevity


Are you ready to get moving?! Its time to relieve stress, tightness, and tension. You deserve to feel good and all it takes is 5 minutes. Don’t believe me?? Take the challenge. Do the daily videos. Reap the physical and mental rewards. And then live longer to tell me all about it. You WFH exercise fitness videos are below!

Working From Home Exercise Break #1 Video (MONDAY)

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE. Make sure you SHARE this challenge with colleagues, friends, working from home kids, or anyone you feel who could benefit. Together we can help each other create a daily movement habit that improves our HEALTH. Lets do this.


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