Couch Stretch Routine Mobility Workout for Desk/Office Workers (PERFECT FOR YOU!)

couch stretch routine

This Stretch routine Could Save Your Hips and Back If You Sit At a Desk All Day….. Join me for a quick and effective couch stretch video routine where we will reduce tension in your entire body. This couch stretch video is a great way to open up your hips, chest, shoulders, and back. Together, we will and reduce pain and tightness in your body after a long day spent sitting at your desk. Not to mention it only takes a few minutes to see positive benefits.

I designed this couch stretch mobility workout to help all of my hard working clients counteract all of the tight muscles that result when you sit at a desk or deal with stress. When the front of your body becomes tight from sitting, you increase your anterior pelvic load (the amount of weight placed on the front of your pelvis), which puts unnecessary strain on your back. So if you have been feeling out of whack from too much time on the laptop, this couch stretch routine is the movement medicine your body will greatly appreciate. This video is all levels and will require a couch or bench as a prop. I suggest doing the exercises in this video daily for best results. Your body craves movement! Give it regular exercise breaks so that you can stay active, fit, and healthy for life. Ready to stretch the tension away? Press play on the video below and join me.

Couch Stretch Routine Mobility Workout for Desk/Office Workers (PERFECT FOR YOU!)

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I encourage you to give your body the regular exercise breaks it loves so you can stay healthy and mobile for life. A little bit of movement medicine goes FAR in improving your wellness. Love sweating with you, keep up the good work!

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