Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1: Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout

Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1 Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout

If you have a hurt shoulder and you are looking for a safe routine to stay fit while you recover, you are in the right place. Im your certified health and fitness coach here to guide you through a workout full of exercises that can be performed without any pressure on your shoulders or upper body. In this hurt shoulder ab fitness video I will lead you through a sequence to strengthen your core safely while you let your shoulder heal. Its important first to get permission from your doctor or physical therapist before trying this routine. You can show them this video in advance for permission. So many doctors are referring to my injury friendly youtube channel now which is AMAZING because they are helping their patients use movement as medicine!

Injuries can be one of life’s biggest challenges, but dont worry you are not alone. Im here to help you mentally and physically through the healing process with movement medicine for your body and spirit! All you will need to get started is a mat and a positive attitude. Once you’ve got the clearance from your doctor to do this workout, meet me in your exercise space and lets do it!

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Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1: Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout exercises

  • hip bridge
  • toe taps
  • reverse curls
  • windshield wipers
  • bicycle legs
  • russian twists
  • kneeling good mornings
  • side bends
  • super human
  • hollow body
  • flutter kicks
  • crunch reach towards toes
  • victory V sit
  • hip flexor stretch R/L

Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1: Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout video

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Every step you take moves you forward. Keep it up my friend! Love sweating with you!


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