Hurt Foot Pilates Abs Workout. Non Weight Bearing Exercise Routine

hurt foot pilates abs

If you are in need of a safe abs workout you can do with a foot and ankle injury, I’ve got just the movement medicine to make your body and mind feel happy! This quick hurt foot pilates abs workout is plankless and a non-weight bearing fitness video you can do to stay in shape. Of course, Ive got a HUGE collection of Hurt Foot Fitness exercise videos on my youtube channel AND even a comprehensive hurt foot fitness coaching program to keep you motivated and strong while you heal (check it out HERE). But for this quick hurt foot pilates abs workout routine, I decided to mix things up and welcome special expert guest and Pilates guru Sam Bell onto the Youtube channel to share her favorite non-weight bearing pilates exercises with our community. Sam and I have been good friends for a few years and I LOVE her creative exercise routines. She is passionate, knows her STUFF, and brings so much professionalism to her work. Sam also just started her Youtube channel and I wanted to support her in getting off to a strong start by sharing her fabulousness with my online community. Check out Sam’s Youtube channel HERE and if you want to support her work with me, be sure to subscribe!

All you will need to do this workout is a mat and a positive attitude! Ready to get moving with me and Sam? Press play on the video below:

Hurt Foot Pilates Abs Workout Video

This exercise video is part of my Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program – a collection of safe and effective exercise routines you can do while healing from an injury. But as ALWAYS, if you are currently injured, or are recovering from a recent injury, always make sure to talk to your doctor before doing this or any other new workout. While this workout is indeed considered low impact and hurt foot friendly, that doesn’t mean it’s right or safe for everyone. As you work out, take note of what sort of movements generally agree and disagree with your body. If you aren’t sure what to avoid with a certain type of injury, always defer judgment to a medical professional. And ALWAYS, if a movement doesn’t feel right, stop doing it. It is better to cut a single workout short than to push through pain and end up not being able to work out for a month to allow your injury to heal. The more you listen to your body, the more awareness you will gain and be more likely to be able to tell the difference between soreness and pain.

Injuries suck. But it’s important to find something that helps you remain positive through your healing process. For me that was creating the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program and helping members find even more unique was to stay fit, be positive, and heal faster. I hope this Hurt Foot pilates abs workout gives you a positive boost during your recovery journey. If you are looking for guidance, support, resources, and action steps towards healing faster, Id love to help you take your injury recovery to the next level in the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program . Head on over to: for more info on how to join and get started now. 

Are you on the road to recovery from a leg, ankle, knee, or foot injury? Have you found it hard to keep a workout routine or stay active? Let me know in the comments below.

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