Low Impact Chair Workout. 30 Minute Seated Fitness Video

low impact chair workout

My low impact chair workout can be modified or intensified to meet any fitness need. It targets every major muscle group and is almost completely impact free.

This is an excellent routine for anyone of any fitness level or age. From those who are trying to workout at work in the office to those who are injured or trying to stay active with a health condition such as spinal bifida or arthritis, this low impact workout is easy on the joints but still very effective for strength training.

Another plus of this low impact chair workout is that it is built using moves that would be perfect desk exercises in the office. It is the perfect length to squeeze into a lunch hour or working from home exercise break. You can check out my other office desk exercises here.

To make this low impact chair workout harder, feel free to add hand weights or ankle weights. Also make sure to focus on the muscles you are trying to work. Squeeze and engage these muscles!

Here are the exercises we will be doing in this Low Impact Chair Workout:

  • Side body stretch
  • twisted toe touch
  • arm jumping jack
  • Calf raise with chest press
  • Inner thigh jack with lateral raise
  • Quad extension with overhead raise
  • Seated bicycle
  • Russian twist
  • Back flys and rows
  • Standing assisted squats
  • Assisted hamstring curls
  • Assisted lateral leg raise

You can workout at home and get amazing physical results all from the comfort of your seat. Sit and get fit with this heart pumping no-impact low impact total body chair workout. 

Ready to get sweaty? Grab a sturdy chair, press play on the video below, and join me! As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and stop if you feel any pain.

Low Impact Total Body Chair Workout Video

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Stay strong and keep moving my friends!


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