No Makeup ABS and BOOTY BURNER. 15 minute home workout video

No Makeup ABS and BOOTY BURNER. 15 minute home workout video

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I cant believe I filmed a Youtube video without wearing makeup! I put my bare face out online for the whole internet to see. But you know what? I’ve grown comfortable with myself and learned to love myself makeup on or off.  I dont usually wear makeup when I workout. I was in the mood to film an exercise video for my Youtube channel, had no makeup on and wasnt about to put some ON just to film it it. So I just told myself, “hey its OK to let the world see you as you are – with or without makeup”. And you know what? That kind of self acceptance feels good. Really good. Plus, I am here to be the kind of coach that helps you love and accept yourself. So I feel like its important to practice what I preach.

Roll out your mat and FEEL THE BURN in this abs and booty home workout. This 15 minute fitness video works your whole body and is fun, uplifting, and challenging for all levels. This is the perfect workout to do when you are at home or traveling. Exercises like the sit up, hip bridge, and plank are features in this routine. It will get you sweating in no time and Im so excited to share a fun exercise session with you. Ready to go? Press play now.

No Makeup ABS and BOOTY BURNER. 15 minute home workout video

Do you like to workout with makeup on or off? Id love to hear what your workout style is below in the comments. You can read more on how I learned to accept myself with no makeup here.

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Dont forget to check out my Hurt Foot Injury Recovery System and Strong Body Program. Id love to be your coach and help you get fit, be positive, and feel good in your skin.

Happy sweating to you my friend! Cant wait to share another great workout with you soon.

Love and squats,


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2 Replies to “No Makeup ABS and BOOTY BURNER. 15 minute home workout video”

  1. Carolyn, thank you for saving me during my recovery from major ankle surgery. I suffered through some really corny seated workouts until I found you. I’m still recovering but now that I’m learning how to walk again and can use my foot I’m enjoying more of your workouts and am considering becoming a virtual client vs restarting at the gym. Definitely need to find some of targeted upper body moves to get my arms sculpted again.

    I never wear makeup when I workout out so you go girl. You’re beautiful either way.

    We too are considering a move to San Diego from the Bay Area…at 62 it’s a hard move but we want to shake it up a bit while we can. Would love to hear what you think of it.

    Thanks for being there,

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for your comment – Im so happy my online workouts brought us together! Thank you for your kind words, its nice not to wear makeup in workouts right?! I would be so honored to work with you as a coach and support you in transitioning out of injury successfully, strengthening and defining your upper body, and accomplishing all your goals. I know we would make a great team!! Email me at : and let me know if you want to get started ! Lets do this! And yes I fully support a San Diego move…. that way we can share workouts together in real life!

      Thank you for being you,

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