On the Dr. Larry Burchett Show! Here’s What It Takes To Beat Stress and Find Balance.


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Life has been such a whirlwind since the Balanced Body Breakthrough book launch last week. The launch party was a huge hit and the book has been off to an incredible start since. I‘ve received some incredibly thoughtful Amazon reviews and kind comments from friends, colleagues, and community all around the world. I truly feel this book is blessed and am positive it will help readers in beating burnout and finding balance. My hope is that I can make a positive impact and empower Balanced Body readers to live lives the love.

This past week I had the opportunity to be on the Dr. Larry Burchett show for a book interview. Burchett is a board-certified Family Physician who has worked with thousands of patients regarding their health, including diet, exercise and weight management. Along with touching lives as an E.R. doctor, he now regularly appears as a guest on the Today Show and has published his own book, The Gentleman’s Diet, a guide to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Burchett is as entertaning as he is intelligent, I had an incredible time on his show talking about stress, health, and living well.  Tune in to this quick 3 minute clip from the show as we discuss secrets to success in fitness, health, and living your best life.

One thing I found really interesting in this interview was talking to Larry about how many doctors suffer from burnout due to lack of self care throughout their career. I come from a family of doctors and I’ve heard stories about the long hours of medical school, lack of sleep, or time for self care. This always blows my mind. Doctors positively impact the lives of SO many. How can they be expected to perform their best when they dont get downtime to rest or have a few minutes to eat a nutritious lunch? It makes me sad when I hear people say, “oh well that’s just the way it is”. Look, I understand changing the system would take a lot of time. But I also want a doctor who feels his best so he can help others with a clear, present, mind. Why can’t the “way it is” be changed? Wouldn’t that be better for the health of everyone? I’m just thinking out loud here and voicing my opinions in this space. I truly believe in the “Take care of yourself first or you will have nothing left to give others” statement. And I don’t want a doctor that is running on empty or hasn’t slept for more than 4 hours in weeks. I have so much respect and admiration for those who work in medicine. They have positions that heal and powerfully impact lives. And then I think of all the other careers where working on lack of sleep or self-care is just an accepted part of the job. All I’m saying is I think people would make better decisions on more sleep and it would result in powerful results. I wonder what the world would function like if we all got more sleep and self-care time was an accepted, non-negotiable, part of career success. 

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic below.

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It’s time for us to stop working harder and start working smarter. You deserve to feel good and live a life you love. I cant wait to share this resourceful read with you and support you in living well.

Heres to your health and a full, vibrant life.

Love, Caroline

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