My Fitness Skincare Routine: Proven Skincare Review

Proven Skincare

Proven Skincare is an advanced skincare company that uses A.I. technology to provide a personalized skincare solution. Read on to learn more on how Proven Skincare can help your skin GLOW.

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With my fitness lifestyle, Im sweaty and in the sun ALL THE TIME. My skin takes a beating! Its always been hard to find the right skincare routine that balances all of my activities and keeps my skin healthy. I worry about getting greasy skin from sweat or the damage that sun exposure can cause from all of my laps in the pool. Thats why when Proven skincare reached out about testing their products, I jumped at the chance. I was curious, would this line of customized, personalized skincare really work for me within my active lifestyle?

Never heard of Proven skincare? I hadn’t either, here’s what you need to know: Proven is a line of skincare products that utilizes technology and science to offer a personalized skin assessment through a quiz on its website. The line of questioning is meant to create an experience similar to sitting down in front of a dermatologist. Afterward, it offers a customized skincare solution that’s reflective of your skin type, skin goals, lifestyle, ethnicity, and climate. Each product is based on the Beauty Genome Project, a beauty knowledge database in which formulations are driven by millions of data points with specific skin types.

All you ever wanted to know about Proven Skincare: 

 Ok so does it work magic? Will my skin beat the sweat and sun to GLOW from the inside out? Stay tuned and subscribe to the channel for the update video after 30 days of trying Proven Skincare.
My fingers are crossed that Proven Skincare is PROVEN to work! Cant wait to update you on the health and glow of my skin after 30 days of Proven!
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