Staying Fit while you VACATION it!

Just because you’re vacationing this Summer doesn’t mean you have to leave your workouts behind. Making time for a modified exercise routine will actually make you feel better when traveling. Take this items with you and stay fit no matter where you go:

Caroline’s “In SHAPE” suitcase must haves:


-Ipod charger

-Running/Training Shoes

-weather appropriate workout clothes – dont forget socks!

-bathing suit, cap, goggles

Workout podcasts. I love the NIKE coaching workouts offered online at iTunes. 30-45 minute “SPORT MIXES” are special coaching mixes with music and voiceover instruction from athletes such as marathon legend Kara Goucher. There are great walk/run/strength training workouts you can do ANYWHERE. My favorites are Serena Williams “Interval Run” and Ok Go’s “Master the Treadmill” Mix. For more information on these mixes and where to find them click HERE

Workout DVDs /Videos. Prefer to do your workouts WITH someone while on vacation?! No problem! Check out my online workout videos and stay fit with me while traveling. These 10 minute “Take with you Anywhere” videos are perfect for when you are short on time or want to fit a quick sweat session in. Do them in the morning before your “busy” day of vacationing begins! You can find all of my videos at my online Youtube Channel. Let me know what you think!

Staying fit on vacation doesn’t need to be stressful or crazy. Keeping up with a modified fitness routine will give you more energy to enjoy traveling! Plan ahead, set realistic goals, and keep yourself and your suitcase in great SHAPE! Happy travels!

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